PS4 Gets Axiom Verge Dynamic Theme and More; Screenshots and Videos Inside

Today a new PS4 dynamic theme for Axiom Verge has been released on the PSN. On top of that, a few more themes saw the light recently, including two for the PS4 and PS Vita indie game Aqua Kitty DX.

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Insomnia_841186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I'm waiting for that Vita release. Any confirmed date???

I also want Bastion for Vita.

PsyMonk3y1186d ago

EU store has about 20 themes US store has almost 400 nice to see the disparity between US and EU psn store content continues with PS4. |:

Ripsta7th1186d ago

Trust me when i say this
Most US themes are SH*T! Its mostly just an image with no dynamic whatsoever
Except for the few that actually looks decent (10-15)

PsyMonk3y1186d ago

That maybe but its more the disparity between US store and EU store which has been a issue since forever! (same on ps3)

Its not about the quality its about not being made to feel like a less important customer to be honest i don't care about themes.