GameSpot E3 2008: Resistance 2 Impressions - Demo, Community Plans

GameSpot writes: "Earlier today we were invited to meet with representatives from Insomniac Games and check out some of the ambitious community features that are planned for Resistance 2. Before being shown that stuff, though, we were given a brief demo the game spanning three distinct levels.

The first level, titled "Leviathan" was the same one featured prominently at the start of Sony's press conference--pitting the protagonist Nathan Hale against a gigantic Chimeran monster that's in the process of tearing apart a rundown city of Chicago. The leviathan was significantly taller than most of the buildings in the city, and was grabbing onto rooftops and such as it lumbered toward Nathan. To say that the beast looked impressive as it closed in would be an understatement for sure, and when it reached down and grabbed Nathan we were afforded a look at its mouth that was a little too up close and personal for comfort. A rocket fired down the leviathan's throat caused it to loosen its grip, and after landing back on terra firma Nathan had to run for his life."

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BulletToothtony3774d ago

this is the first time i read a normal preview from them.. pretty refreshing for a change

360degrees3774d ago

It sort of reminds me of a lesser version of Gears of War 2, but 1st person view

donator3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

As your profile suggests, you don't believe you're a fanboy. So why did you bring up Gears of War 2? Take it to the Open Zone.

Mc Fadge3774d ago

Doing stuff like this. Go away. Now.

360degrees3774d ago

So by giving my opinion and making a comparison of two video games with similar features and premises, this automatically makes me a "Fanboy", please come on now

thereapersson3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

What, in your opinion, makes Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 similar enough to warrant comparison other than the fact that they are both shooters and they are both sequels?

Two completely different games otherwise.

Furthermore, why are people treating Gears of War as the best game ever made? It steals its cover mechanic from other games for crying out loud! (though it's still one of my favorite series to be released this generation)

Edit: @ Disagrees. What, you don't believe me? WinBack and Kill.Switch both utilize the cover and shoot mechanic that Gears of War uses.

n4gzz3774d ago

there is clear reason you have 360 avatar.

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