DICE Delivers More Star Wars: Battlefront Details

Xbob wire:
If you've already spied our Star Wars: Battlefront preview, you're well-aware that our behind-closed-doors demo was crammed with enough cool moments to choke a Sarlacc. Still, despite being treated to stomping AT-ATs, throat-crushing Sith Lords, and epic speeder-bike-versus-tree explosions, we exited our preview session craving more.

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camel_toad1181d ago

This thing is teetering on the edge of either a fantastic game or a total letdown. I'm hoping it turns out great but we've been screwed over so many times...

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago

DICE has one of the best track records in gaming for making MP focused games.

Like Allstate, its in good hands.

crazychris41241181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

We're you on mars in 2013? They made BF4 which was one of the worst launch games ever. Took them almost a year to get the game to a near perfect state. Bf3 also has a horrible first couple months but nowhere near the bf4 disaster. Worried that this game is being rushed so it's released before the movie.

camel_toad1181d ago

They do but bf4 had one of the worst and lengthiest unstable launches.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Bought it day 1, didn't care about its issues. Yes, it had issues, but BF4 is still an amazing game. I can't just rate a game based on its launch. No games actually just launch perfect and without issues.

BF4's launch was also on the launch of PS4 and XONE, on a new engine and on 5 platforms.

This game isn't on a new engine, releasing on 3 platforms, All 3 of which are not brand new to the developer compared to when they did BF4 on PS4 and XONE.

BF4's launch didn't just happen the way it did JUST because of DICE, I think you need to factor in everything else, EA owns the team and IP and very much could have delayed it to make it more stable.

There is a reason why BF4 is still one of the most played MPs right now.

I'm not worried about how Star Wars BF will launch as many games launch with many issues, I don't really care about how its going to play for its first months, I'll merely not buy it until it plays right, how it works at launch doesn't mean the game will be like that forever.

Again...look at how many are still playing BF4. Me included.

CerebralAssassin1181d ago

Regarding your additional comment edmix, I agree bf4 is so much better then launch. I too bought it at launch regrettably. Let's face it that game was. The definition of trash when it came out. You couldn't play a full match without dropping. And it lasted for almost a year before it was fixed entirely. Most games wouldn't last that long but BF has been around for a long time and has a huge fan base. It could handle that type of down time.

I'm not so sure SW BF can of that were to happen to it. It's coming out at a crucial time on the year and if it doesn't work I'm afraid it will be added to the pile of trash of games we got screwed over with in the last. Look at halo MCC. The population died off in that game due to issues and its freakin HALO. Such a missed opportunity there. It can happen.

SW BF needs to run. It needs to run well. It needs a bunch of content and needs to push new content our quickly if it wants to succeed. I Could be wrong but I think I read no space battles. If that's true then they really need to hit a homer in with the gameplay and make sure it doesn't just feel like a feelin of battlefield.

I'm very excited for a new SW BF game but not very excited with how many developers are releasing halfassed games just to make a buck then just fix it later. I'm afraid this is going to happen. Or it will feel too much like battlefield. Time will tell.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

@Cerebral Assassin- I don't disagree, merely that Star Wars isn't being made under the same conditions as BF4.

Not on a new engine, not on 5 systems and not on 2 platforms DICE has never worked on before.

I think Star Wars Battlefront will be fine.

llMurcielagoll1180d ago

For those who are blaming DICE for BF4 for a terrible launch. Correct me if I am wrong but who's fault was it here, it is the publisher EA for pushing them to release an unfinished game to catch up sales wize with the competitors.

I really hope Battlefront would not suffer the same given that it has taking a year and this is the 2nd until its release. But all this boasting of how good battlefront is has really raised the bar really high for all of us.

They'd better live up to that bar or lots of people will be mega pissed including me.

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13lackDeath1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

DICE is a solid company, they have been around perfecting the online Multiplayer and FPS Genre for decades setting trends and standards for many games. I have full trust in their ability to deliver a solid game.

What we need to hope on, is that EA doesn't rush it to the starting gate like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, BF3 and BF4 were great games, but they were pushed to release too soon by EA and by the time the public beta tests were implemented, it was far too late to apply issues that had arose due to the game already going "gold" and being ready to release.

Personally I don't think Lucasfilms and Disney, if Disney is in anyway involved with this project, will let EA release an inferior product.

Cy1181d ago

It was LucasArts that pushed Obsidian to release KOTOR2 before it was ready, why would you assume LucasFilm wouldn't do the same?

13lackDeath1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Because Disney is calling the shots now and I know for a fact that Disney is all about quality, they do not like their brand associated with inferior products in any way.

As well as there being possible new leadership and new staff since the buyout of Lucasfilms/Lucasarts since the time of KOTOR2. But all that is merely speculation on my part and by no means a definite fact.

deadpoolio3161181d ago

Disney wouldn't have anything to do with Battlefront...The rights to games were sold to EA and Dice is developing so obviously EA will be publishing it

kingjames181181d ago

While we will have atmospheric dog fights and not space ones. Do you think it would be possible to have a space centric map in a DLC or possible sequel as this is a reboot and not BF3 but BF1(2.0)?

The_Sage1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Exactly, kingjames. This is what I've been trying to get people to realize. This is a reboot of the first game. This is not Battlefront 3. There were no space battles in the first one. I'm sure they will appear in the inevitable sequel when Dice gets to it, along with content from the new movies.

Intelligent bubble +

Izalith1181d ago

As I love the old Battlefront game, it was a small letdown it didn't have campaign. But hey, they have offline splitscreen so my guess the game has bots "AI" in the game.

But still I will get this, the force is demanding me to get it! It is the will of the force.

deadpoolio3161181d ago

SO then if you loved Battlefront you would know that Battlefront NEVER had a campaign, that galactic conquest stuff was just the MP for Solo players...There was no story there was no campaign in either game, it was all about the MP or offline MP with bots...That galactic conquest map was only there so you knew what you had done

13lackDeath1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

If they release a Closed/Public Beta or even a short Early Alpha a decent ways out from the games release that would solve most of the problems and reassure most consumers. It would allow them to obtain vital feedback on: balancing issues, map layouts, vehicles mechanics, weapon accuracy, hit detection, physics, HUD layout, game controls...ect.

If they wait until 2 or 3 months out from the games release to initiate any type of public feedback/alpha/beta, then we may have the same issues that, in the beginning, plagued BF3 and BF4 with a large mandatory Day 1 patch and numerous balancing issue patches following that.

I've been a fan of DICE for a long long time, before they were even known as DICE and formed a small company named "Refraction Games" that created a gem of a game in the late 90's called "Codename: Eagle".

I've played every game they have ever published and I have never been disappointed for the last 16 or so years.

DICE are a very talented group of people and I trust them fully with any type of Multiplayer experience, Game Content, and Game Mechanics.

The only thing DICE needs to focus heavily on is Netcode and Balancing and they'll be golden.

I had no problem with using Battle Log personally, but they have stated that Battle Front: 3 will not be using Battle Log to launch their game, so that means it will most likely have a dedicated server browser and matchmaking eliminating one less variable in the "Netcode" equation and allowing for even smoother online gameplay in my opinion.

crazychris41241181d ago

I hope for multiple betas. 1 during e3. One in October just before launch to stress test the servers so we don't have another bf4 disaster.

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