Xbox avatars come to the Windows 10 preview

Xbox users participating in the Windows 10 beta can modify their avatars with a dedicated app for Microsoft's upcoming operating system.

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RadioActiveTwinky914d ago

Nice. I really like the mii's and avatars. It's like your own personal action figure. Especially on the box because of all the customization options.
is it possible to have him greet you on start up instead of always having to input password?

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Godz Kastro914d ago

Avatars have been kind of a fail on Xbox one. I have looked at mine just a handful of times. Give me a reason to pay attention to them again MS!

gamer7804914d ago

can't wait for windows 10, streaming from xbox and xbox live integration. AMD let it slip that its slated to release the OS at the end of July.

memots914d ago

oh god ... please no... Those ugly thing are already present enough around the web. Do we really need it part of windows os system ...

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