Alan Wake's cultural footprint: Why players and developers still love this amazing game

Alan Wake is a game that many fans consider to be a sort of private pleasure and, while that characterization may feel good for people who like to discover diamonds in the rough, it's not quite accurate.

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gangsta_red1181d ago

That Alan Wake 2 article sure did re-spark interest in this game it seems.

I really wasn't a fan, the gameplay became a bit repetitive for my taste. But the quality was there, loved the episodic format with the music and "next time" at the end of each chapter. The graphics were also top notch, Remedy is an awesome developer and they are masters at setting up moods and telling a great story.

Neonridr1181d ago

oh man, the way they told the story with each new chapter beginning with "Previously on Alan Wake..". I loved it.

The story was so well written and had me hooked right from the start.

I didn't find the gameplay that repetitive, I found it a little more frantic come near the end of the game.

Regardless cannot wait for some AW2 news in the future.

TeamLeaptrade1181d ago

Yeah I always got into that as well. Breaking the game up in chapters or episodes really worked for the story I though.

Pogmathoin1181d ago

It was a game that was different, and it had real suspense and tension when you knew you had only a few bullets and batteries, but could hear a lot more than you could handle...

Jedislayer1181d ago

I'm actually really surprised people still want a sequel to this game. The game itself was great, I just don't understand why the developers didn't want to pursue a sequel. Idk if it was mixed reviews or it never just got the green light, but I'd very much like a sequel to happen. From the looks of it, it may go that way.

Thatguy-3101181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

The developers did want to pursue a sequel the publisher which was Microsoft didn't. They preferred remedy to make a new IP. Funny how some fanboy are sweating it on the idea of it becoming multiplatform. If you love the game just be happy that a sequel gets made whether it's exclusive or not.

vega2751181d ago

I'm pretty sure they will eventually go back to Alan wake but first want to explore a brand new IP first. Remedy and MS have a good relationship and with Phil at the helm I can see them doing so after QB.

Me I'm looking forward to QB. It's one games I'm very excited to play. After that they can bring on Alan wake 2 and rotate amongst the two. Instead of just pumping out sequel after sequel until it becomes stale

ScorpiusX1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Come on Remedy bring us a port of AW to Xbox one and then follow up buy making AW2 for Xbox one and only Xbox one . Love how me wanting a game to stay exclusive to the platform I own annoys people to disagree.
Also noticed how its always Xbox games select console owners want on their console instead of being happy with what they got. love that everyone deserve to play a great game BS they spew when concerning a game not on their console . Lol

Lon3wolf1181d ago

If you want it XBone exclusive then ask MSoft not Remedy to fund it :D, not fussed if it's exclusive to any platform but they would better off releasing multi format imo.

vega2751181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

They own the IP so if they wanted it on another platform beside MS they would have already done so. Which means they want to keep it with MS.

And I agree why are people who clearly don't want anything to do with MS or buy their console clearly always asking for their games

Neonridr1181d ago

@vega275 - it's the way it goes. You will see lots of people on here put down exclusives from another console because those are games that they most likely will never get to play. It's easier for them to shrug it off as bad or niche rather than acknowledging that their competition has some good games.

I don't know if it's jealousy or their way of dealing with it, but I personally have a hard time understanding that. Just a way to further reaffirm their choice about what console they support I guess.