New Driveclub Trailer Shows This Month’s DLC Cars and Updates

Today Evolution Studios released a new trailer of Driveclub, showcasing this month’s main updates and DLC cars.

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Randostar852d ago

2 free cars this month SWEET!

sigfredod852d ago

Evo keep dekivering, amazing!

rodiabloalmeida852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

I want a 60FPS unlock DLC. Can I have it?

WickedLester852d ago

It's not necessary! The framerate is already buttery smooth, the game has an amazing sense of speed, and the controls are extremely responsive. There's no logical reason to make it 60fps other than just to say "hey we did it."

Raider69852d ago

I guess now its the time to get this game!Finally the developers vision its in full i guess.

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