The Miller Report: Star Wars Battlefront Controversy

Star Wars Battlefront is coming - but it won't have SPACE BATTLES. The internet is in meltdown, and petitions are being signed all over the chuffing shop. Miller investigates this terrible injustice on the streets of Croydon.

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thorstein852d ago

It's such a "controversy" that no one cares.

Timesplitter14852d ago

"the internet is in meltdown"

calm down sir

darren_poolies852d ago

It's a joke, he's taking the piss...

Budobear852d ago

I would guess they are going to do a stand alone game for this, I'm hoping anyway.

Anthotis852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Space battles were cut from the main game to be added in an overpriced, always online DLC.

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