Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk About the Challenge of Customization, Jedi, Planet Variety and More

Star Wars: Battlefront keeps sparking discussion and interest among fans, and the game’s developers continue to trickle down interesting pieces of information.

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ninsigma1062d ago

"There is not a traditional SP campaign, but the “Missions” are filling that gap – Regarding classes, there will be more info about stuff in that area later"

I don't mind the non SP as long as the missions are good and aren't just thrown in there. Hopefully that second part means we'll get classes. There has been some disappointing info about this game so I'm holding off until I see more. I'm hoping there will be a lot of depth to the gameplay. If it's very much like what the trailer showed us then I think we can worry a little less. The main thing to worry about at this point imo is the DLC plans.

arbitor3651062d ago

4 planets in a battlefront game is a joke no matter how you slice it. Especially when 3 out of the 4 planets are basically deserts. You cant tell me they couldnt put more variety in there. And we all know they are just going to milk this for DLC later, just to get the maps that should have been in the game to begin with.

So far this game has been nothing but a laundry list of stripped down content, with nothing of substance added or expanded. And they have a bigger budget than the original had and they have had a larger development window. It makes no sense.

Also, AT-ATs are on rails? jesus christ, dice

xenz1062d ago

I suggest that you calm down and wait till there's more info revealed about the game. We don't even know how the gameplay will be, if there will be any classes and how deep the game will be. It's not all about how many planets and maps they provide. Sure there could be space maps and it sucks that it's not included. But does the game automatically suck because it doesn't have space maps and so forth?

By the way, who the hell would want to play as an AT-AT? It's slow as fuck and you can barely walk.

HockeyMan1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

By the way, who the hell would want to play as an AT-AT? It's slow as fuck and you can barely walk.

Have you even played Battlefront 2? By that statement you never have, its a huge part of the point of this game..........

mep691062d ago

So much for their bold statement of breaking the internet with their announcement.

DillyDilly1062d ago

What about stuff like the Death Star Rescue Mission in Episode 4 ? Will that not be in the game since its not on a planet ?

Crummybear1062d ago

Translation: we don't really care what Battlefront fans want.
If its not going to be anything like Battlefront, why are they calling it Battlefront? This game is nothing but a huge disappointment so far =/

SpinalRemains1381062d ago


We've lost a command post!

Rachel_Alucard1062d ago

One hundred... Two hundred... Three hundred... You guys are gonna make me rich!

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