Five Modern Game Covers That Actually Get It Right

Video game box art is a mixed bag these days. Sure, Japan has some fantastic works that occasionally get brought overseas, but we mostly see the same cookie cutter “guys with guns” or “guys with their backs to the camera.” It’s getting old, but some games manage to defy the standard tropes with appealing, memorable covers.

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ValKilmer1185d ago

The Last of Us has the best box art of all time. Of all time *shrugs*.

Kingdomcome2471185d ago

Sunset Overdrive had some amazing box art imo.

micx1184d ago

I also like Resistance's box arts. Each of them had something unique, be it the skull of Chimera in a grim, war-torn world of R:FoM, Hale's duality of R2 or the simple, yet slick combinations of orange and white we saw on the Resistance 3 box art.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

Insomniac has always had great cover art for sure.

Gamer7771185d ago

I think box art is only meant to give the consumer a glimpse of what the game is about. I've played some amazing games with terrible box art (The Orange Box) so box art really never directly represents the quality of the game. It should however be good enough to attract the consumer.

OhMyGandhi1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

well...The Orange Box is a different beast entirely.
It could be a damned piece of crappy clipart, but people know what they are getting when they get that game. It's a compilation of critical darlings.

For me, While I rarely buy a game without knowing (at the very least) a little bit about it, I'd appreciate some nicer looking covers. It's unfortunate. Because to the uninformed, a generic box art makes an otherwise beautiful game look like "generic action movie a" or "generic comic book adaptation b".

I could go on a tangent about working at Best Buy, and people are looking for games to buy, and asking me for recommendations. I recommend games like Ratchet and Clank, or Sly Cooper, or Infamous: Second Son, or if it's last gen, games like Bioshock, Uncharted, and Killzone, and they all give me a look like, "well, what is it ABOUT, ANYWAY?". I had a customer tell me that Bioshock Infinite looked like Obama propaganda, and living in a "city in the sky" sounded like something a hippy thought of after a bad acid trip. The guy wasn't kidding. And he wasn't old. He ended up walking out with a few sports games and Call of Duty.

Bioshock, I suppose, still doesn't have the brand recognition of larger IP's. It's a solitary experience, so you'll probably have one guy (like me) that loves the game. Your not going to have a bunch of guys with beers in their hands, bouncing up and down on a couch, shouting at the screen, and high fiving eachother as Booker investigates a novelty shop. The scariest thing is the idea of the customer not looking cool with his new purchase. "What's popular?" is another question I get asked.

To wrap up what I am saying...Bioshock Infinite is trying to capture the shooter crowd with it's explosive box art, an angry man with a shotgun on his back, and a chip on his shoulder. Unfortunately, I sure as hell didn't buy the game because I wanted to live some 80's macho fantasy. I bought it because I love Ken Levine's game design. It's going to be quirky, powerful, and it's going to make you want to think.

It'd be far cooler if the game had kept the reverse cover, and just rolled with it's relative non mainstream video game ideas. It allows the game to keep it's dignity intact without trying to sell itself too much on the shooting aspect, which is a fantastically executed mechanic of the game, but there is so much more enjoyment to be had beyond that.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

I couldn't agree more on the Ken Levine/Bioshock sentiment. Bioshock 1 is my favorite game of all time, Infinite is somewhere within my top ten, and Ken Levine is my favorite writer in the industry. As you said, you definitely cannot measure Bioshock by it's cover art lol. The alternate cover art was so much better, but no manner of cover art could encapsulate the greatness of his games, or any great game for that matter.

OutcastMosquito1184d ago

Gosh, I remember when MGR came out. Such a disappointing box cover... Resistance 3 I think has one of the coolest covers.