House of Wolves Reveal Teaser - The Reef

Wednesday, April 22, 11AM Pacific. Join Bungie and special community guest Gothalion on Twitch for a tour of the The Reef. Meet new characters who will send you back into action and learn how you'll upgrade your gear when the hunt for the House of Wolves begins!

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OmegaShen1002d ago

Now watch as comments be filled with haters. I'm getting this, seeing how my copy had the season pass with it.

HebrewHammer1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

The reason for hate is justified when the content was cut as DLC. There's a trailer from a year ago showing the reef as a playable space.

With that said, I'm still looking forward to it. :D

But don't assume people have no reason to be a little upset - because they're well within their right when it comes to practices like this.

VanDamme1002d ago

Sweet! Get to level up my Fatebringer to 365 so I can use it on the same content I have been for the last 6 months (plus a few missions).

MeatBallz1001d ago

What the hell is destiny ?