Mario Kart 8: 3 Gorgeously Remade Courses

IGN: "We take a closer look at Baby Park (GCN), Ribbon Road (GBA), and Neo Bowser City (3DS)."

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N4g_null1181d ago

Wow how come Mario 3d could not look this cool?

Moonman1181d ago

This game is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

godmachine1179d ago

mario 3d world looks pretty good imo ( i just wish it was in real 3d ) . but i know what you mean . i thought maybe nintendo held back a little for the suprise announcement of galaxy 3 ....i can wish right--- maybe e3 themselves from no zelda.......hd version of 3d land??? why not actually quite suprised nintendo isnt making more remakes, or just graphical overhauls like the rest of the industry..i know i want new games personally but people obviously buy them