Titan Souls review | Thunderbolt

"The ‘Souls’ adjunct may draw comparisons to From Software’s seminal Souls series, but Acid Nerve’s Titan Souls shares much more in common with Shadow of the Colossus than it does Hidetaka Miyazaki’s magnum opus. As you traverse the rolling green hills, snowy mountainsides and volcanic caverns of this desolate and ancient landscape, you’ll uncover slumbering titans that must be felled. As a young hero armed with only a bow and a single arrow, defeating these gargantuan foes is a treacherous task akin to David and Goliath, particularly when a single hit is more than enough to bring about your untimely demise. The titans, too, share this precarious one-hit fate, leading to frantic encounters where the first hit is also the last, levelling the playing field as you go toe-to-toe with these archaic monstrosities in what is a fiendishly difficult game." - Thunderbolt

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