PS3 Video Download Not Coming to PAL Regions Yet

At a PAL specific press briefing tonight Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has outlined that they are not going to release a Video Download service in the PAL regions yet. ButtonMasher writes - In the PAL media brief this evening David Reeves (SCEE President) stated that while they do plan to bring it to every region eventually, there is no current date or timeframe in place for local releases.

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shine13963779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

jeez..the uk market can't be that hard...english language and any of the other major countries in europe should already have dvd versions or something similiar for new releases that caters for their language etc...It's different when its a new game but come on...
On second I really going to be using this service a is probably the answer. I'd also rather the team be working on things more important...

Baba19063779d ago

this could take years. Itunes in Switzerkand for example still doestn have Video Downloads. so im not gonna get my hopes up. this might never happen.

Rockstar3779d ago

What about Canada?

When are we getting the video store?