Star Wars Battlefront: The Twin Evils of Content and Longevity

GB:"Star Wars: Battlefront looked good as far as a reveal trailer went but I want to see actual gameplay."

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JohnTheRenegade1130d ago

By twin evils you mean the two of the three major keys to a multiplayer shooter's success, right? The third being gameplay.

terminallyCapricious1130d ago

The problem that the industry is having now is the mindset that dlc will increase the longevity of a games life, but want to save money and resort to cutting content in the game. Lately it feels like games are getting more and more empty. Saying things like "Oh, well we just wanted a more cinematic experience", or "We wanted to make this one experience perfect and didn't want to dilute it." While having 300 man teams making these mediocre games.

If a game has plenty of content then It'll live long. Then down the line make dlc. But dont tell me 3 months before a release that im able to by the season pass or by a premium edition for 60$ more.