Driven to distraction - how Mad Max is dropping a bomb on the open-world

Look up and over the wrecked particles of civilisation, across the shattered landscape once hidden beneath a long since vapourised sea. To the north you’ll see a thick column of dark smoke, a constant blemish wedged between horizon and sky. This is Gastown, an oil refinery that burns day and night with an abandon only possible in a world where the threat of global warming really isn’t an issue any more.

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rdgneoz31061d ago

Hopefully the game does well. Sadly though, it'll be releasing the same day as MGS5 which has a lot more advertising and larger fan base to it.

bmwfanatic1061d ago

Yah why aren't they releasing in May to coincide with the movie?

Fireseed1061d ago

Probably to avoid the stigma that it's a movie tie in game.

OB1Biker1061d ago

Yea and most know more or less about MGS while this game personally I'll need to watch streams and you tube to know if I may like it. I have no idea

Ron661061d ago

Where is the gameplay?? Enough with the screenshots info etc, give us gameplay!!

Koopdogg1061d ago

This game seems to be hovering under the radar lol