GamesAsylum - Goat Simulator - Review

GamesAsylum: "Goats will eat anything. Although I knew they were partial to the odd baseball cap or whatever else falls into their pen down at the petting zoo, I didn’t believe this for myself until watching one of those American obsessive hoarder documentaries. What set this episode apart from others is that the hoarder’s house was slowly being consumed by her pet goats. They were, quite literally, eating her out of house and home.

Goat Simulator taps into the destructive nature of these (presumably) untameable beasts, combining Katamari Damacy and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to create an incredibly curious package. Developers Coffee Stain Studios have banked on that fact that many will be left intrigued by Goat Simulator’s very existence, hoping to grab the attention of live streamers, YouTube video makers and those who enjoy watching such. The result is a something that’s just as entertaining to watch as it is to play"

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