Future Press talks digital version of Bloodborne strategy guide, Dark Souls 2 remaster and more

Future Press talks about the whereabouts of the digital version of the Bloodborne's Collector's Edition Strategy Guide and more.

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Gority1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Nice. Now I can go back and do everything I may have missed in my NG+. Haven't been able to play for a few weeks.

rdgneoz31040d ago

If you check gamefaqs out, you'll find everything you missed and not have to pay a dime. Plus the info has been out since shortly after the game released, unlike the strategy guide (what's the point of a strategy guide 2+ weeks after release?)...

Gority1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Well, I like to play the first time through without using the guide anyways so the delay didn't matter to me, plus haven't been able to play because of work/life.

The guide has like 100+ pages of art in it, which is a big draw for me. I also find it a pain to look through gamefaqs or the bloodborne wikis. I don't think $20 is that bad for it.

ps. That disagree was not from me ;-)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1040d ago

Strat guide has exclusive artwork, interviews etc, weapon damage values(none have figured this out yet) etc.

NegativeCreepWA1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Dark souls 2 seems way easier then before, less enemies in nearly every area.

TorpeAlex1040d ago

Compared to Bloodborne? Absolutely. The bane of the game in Bloodborne is crowd control.
If you're talking about Scholar of the First Sin, however, ha. That's a good one.

Spacemagic1040d ago

Show support for EpicNameBro!! Buy a guide!!

Pastorfuzz1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

I received the physical guide 2 days ago. well worth the money