Why Lizard Squad and others target game servers with DDoS attacks

Recently, we’ve seen everyone from hacktivist collectives to lone wolves use distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to take down PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, League of Legends, and Blizzard networks.

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SpinalRemains1381185d ago

Selfish, self absorbed, misdirected hate toward corporate practices maybe?

Orbilator1185d ago

I always thought it was because the play park outside their house was removed so they had nothing to do after school.

Naga1185d ago

Like these trolls would go outside...

DragonKnight1185d ago

Their moms took away their cellphones.

thekhurg1185d ago

They do it for publicity, like this website is giving them.

Thanks venturebeat.

freshslicepizza1185d ago

there could be a good reason for doing this, one example is when psn went down a few years ago. what it did was wake up sony to strengthen its security which is actually a good thing for anyone concerned about their privacy.

the problem with these ddos attacks is they have no real message behind them other than to annoy. if they truly wanted to get their message across they should forewarn everyone. say something like on such and such a date we will attack xbox live or whatever to show how weak their infrastructure is in hopes they take it seriously. that would put pressure on these companies to actually try and do something. however i think the only real way to counter this is to increase server load, so then it just becomes a game and the internet as a whole is what's really broken.

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Blank1185d ago

Well hate towards corporate practices can be done in many ways that dont effect my fellow gamers and thats saying "no with your wallet" thats the way with least collateral damage and is pretty direct especially with the attack bonus of a supporting like minded crowd.

DanteVFenris6661185d ago

its kind of obvious, beleive it or not legit companies will give alot of money to these guys to attack, or they will ask the victim for money and only than will they stop. Hacking is the same as any bussiness now

rainslacker1184d ago

If you're speaking of white box or black box hackers, then no, these aren't what Lizard Squad is made up of. Companies will pay professional hackers money to find flaws in their security, not to take down the network completely. When the flaw is found, the company is informed of it, so hopefully they can fix it.

If you're speaking of hackers ransoming off network usability by hacking then demanding money, then I don't know of any company that has ever given money for such a thing. Doing so would open a big can of worms, and more than likely a large number of hackers from the hacking community would tear those hackers down on principal.

DanteVFenris6661184d ago

no thats not what i mean at all. Companies will pay hackers to get down competitors servers, and of course youve never heard of that lol. What kind of company wants to advertise that theyve been hacked or that they are using such means. And you are romanticizing hackers too much. If any hackers have those feelings it is the vast minourity and probably only in selective developing nations. You realize developing nations have computers? and hacking for money may be the only way to get out of poverty in those territories. SO that is exaclty what they do. Scam emails, adware, trojans, spyware, yes hackers are all for the people. And you can make money from having a bot net aka... what is required to do a dos attack like lizard squard.

rainslacker1184d ago

I've heard of it actually. I just didn't put it together that's what you were talking about. I used to be in IT, and network security was about half my job, so this kind of corporate espionage is known about and reported on. It doesn't make the news that often though. Companies don't often do it because it is illegal, and a good way to get shut down, because everything is traceable if you dig deep enough.

I don't know if that's what's happening here though given that all the major competitors to one another have been hit at roughly the same time.

So if, this kind of thing is going on, it begs the question, who is paying for this? Who is benefiting from it? All major companies/game servers have allegedly been hit by LS, and at no point was another company being shown as not having problems...which would be typical in your scenario.

I'm not romanticizing hackers at all. There are many out there that are a**hats, but there is a strong, and skilled, hacker community that does go out and subverts these types of things in the interest of keeping the hacking community acceptable in some form or another. Anon is one such group, although they won't typically go after a hacking group as a cause.

That being said, the internet is not a country specific thing. It doesn't matter where someone is located, they can be found. Developing nations may have this stuff(although it's more common in industrial nations due to education), but as to what people do in those countries like spam and whatnot, that is a far cry from being paid to take down a corporate web server. As far as the Bot net, yes you can make money on them, but they typically come from hacking groups which are more well known, and whose countries of origin are diversified. There is no evidence that LS is being paid to do these attacks, nor is there evidence that they are profiting off it in the least.

_LarZen_1185d ago

I have a party every time I read that inbreeds like these kids get's caught. Jail,big fines and years and years of restrictions on electronically devices and Internet access is music to my ears.

Donnywho1185d ago

At the end of the day they are just a group of mad, mislead people who are taking their frustrations out on the wrong people. They get mad at a giant and their ultimate plan winds up being to step on a bunch of ants. Great job.

TheCommentator1185d ago

It's the ultimate end for the ultimate fanboy.

Donnywho1184d ago

Or someone gave a mouse a cookie.

rainslacker1184d ago

Is LS mad about something? I wouldn't know because the only time I ever saw them make some sort of reason for their attacks to seem like they were doing it for the consumer, it came across as half-assed and then they quickly went back to being dickheads bragging about their exploits as opposed to the terrible travesties that these companies were committing to exploit it's customers.

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