F1 2015 is 'very close' to 60 fps on PlayStation 4, says Codemasters

Whether or not a game runs at 60 frames per second (fps) is something all players want to know heading into a game's launch. While it is still not commonplace for most games to hit that benchmark, the developers at Codemasters believe they are very close to hitting 60 fps with F1 2015.

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Mrveryodd1184d ago

If you dont hit 60 no one will buy it , as F1 needs to be buttery smooth cause its so fast.

LordMaim1184d ago

Too bad at the end of the day it's a Codemasters game.

SniperControl1184d ago

Exactly the same thing was said about Driveclub...............

Mrveryodd1183d ago

This is a must buy for me ......

spaceg0st1184d ago

Not needed anymore, have project cars. Thanks anyway.

ServerBOT1184d ago

Either locked 60fps or 30fps, hoping for the former.
No Variables please.

zsquaresoff1184d ago

We all know what the resolution and frame rate will be on Ps4. Question is, what about that other console?

1184d ago
Robearboy1183d ago

Very mature comment you must be proud

Stiffler1183d ago

You guys noticing the large amounts of alt troll accounts lately? Some dudes must be getting hell mad (BestBoxOne).

Hopefully F1 is gonna be good and not another title focused on resolution and graphics over gameplay. Gameplay is where it's at...

crazychris41241184d ago

I hope it reaches it, 60 fps is so smoooooth. Just turn down some of the graphics. Not gonna care about the trees when im doing 200 mph

KarmaV121184d ago

Sadly many people care about trees. If it got "downgraded" then nobody would buy it and it would be the rage of the month.

_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

Quality over frame.

If they can maintain with 60fps, then fine, but not with a huge compromise. I'm fine with 60fps so long as they didn't need to strip many features or effects just to get it to run that.

I think they'll be fine.

hesido1184d ago

"frame" IS quality. (I get what you mean tho. You like your pixels looking better, I like pixels changing color faster.)

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