Should you subscribe to PlayStation Plus for Bloodborne?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not you should subscribe to PlayStation Plus to take advantage of the online elements in Bloodborne.

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ArnoDorian1064d ago

Yes if you want to do PvP and invade other people or help them

bennissimo1064d ago

It would be fun to have MP offerings other than that, though. PS+ isn't worth it just for Bloodborne.

OB1Biker1064d ago

But PS+ is well worth it for all the games particularly if you have PS3 PS4 and Vita so it's all win

Xer0_SiN1063d ago

i would say yes. playing ay of the souls games, just isnt the same without the online element. whether it be helping, invading or getting invaded.

darren_poolies1063d ago

I'm pretty sure you only need PS+ for PvP. My flatmate plays on my PS4, on his own account but don't have PS+ and is able to invade, help and get help.

ArnoDorian1063d ago

no u need PS+ for PvP, and invading other people and asking help

darren_poolies1063d ago


You don't, you only need it for PvP.

BranWheatKillah1064d ago

Why the hell would you own a PS4 for gaming and not be on PS+?

NecotheSergal1064d ago

Kids without a part/full time job and moms credit card has limits.

FarEastOrient1064d ago

Than why are those kids missing out on all those free games?

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

bud, If I had your issue I wouldn't even have a damn PS4. Hell I only got PS4 at launch for BF4 based on I just didn't feel like replacing my HD 5770.

I didn't need to get a PS4 as I could have just played BF4 on PC on lower settings or got a better GPU for a bit more money.

I got a PS4 because I have the option to, I have the money to, hell I got a 3rd PS3 this weekend based on my old one is being used for Netflix for my mom and I don't feel like going in her room to play older games lol.

PS3 is just fine for me, hell when I'm not playing BF4 or netflix on my PS4, I'm using my PC and PS3 much more to finish up older games.

In fact, If I where to just list the next gen only titles I even own, it would just be Killzone SF, InFamous Second Son, BF4 (BF4 more so as Frostbite is a scaleable engine) and I wouldn't even count Type Zero as its merely a port of the PSP version and I would hardly call it next gen.

I'm sorry but I can legit say there isn't a real reason to really upgrade right now. Killzone SF and InFamous no doubt are great games, they are not buy a PS4 today JUST FOR THEM kind of games.

Batman, Witcher 3, Star Wars BF etc are better reasons to jump on board. We are just getting good next gen only titles.

If you have almost no money, why suffer the gen with just a PS4 with no PS Plus? Hell why even get a PS4?

Focus on getting a better job and on you, then ball! Good luck too, I know how it is gaming and barely having any money.

freshslicepizza1063d ago

that's the beauty in sony's new strategy isn't it? put multiplayer behind a paywall while making it appear plus is worth it even without multiplayer. yet you still have those that act like the huge increase in plus memberships for the ps4 is due to how awesome plus is without admitting the main reason is because they put multiplayer behind a paywall.

BattleAxe1064d ago

No, in fact it's ridiculous that you need to have PS Plus for such a small online offering.

Bathyj1064d ago

Its online gaming. Online gaming on consoles cost extra money now.

If you dont like it, travel back in time and tell everyone not to support Xbox Live before they made it all normal and acceptable.

BattleAxe1063d ago

Or I suppose that I could just play on PC.....I haven't quite completed my time machine design yet.

Malice-Flare1064d ago

PS+ isn't just for mp on Bloodborne. it's worth it...

rdgneoz31064d ago

If you have a PS4 and / or PS3 / vita, it's worth it. The amount of free games a month you get is sweet. Plus discounts on other games / addons. You can find a year for $40 or less at times, which is a lot less than the price you'd have to pay for the games you get.

StrayaKNT1064d ago

Lucky i finished bloodborne before my ps+ subscription finished. uncharted will definitely renew my subscription though (if it has good multiplayer)

Kingscorpion19811064d ago

Why wouldn't it have a good multiplayer? Its naughty dog bro

StrayaKNT1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

I wouldnt recomment tlou mp or uncharted mp to anyone to be honest. Where they succeed in story telling, i think they fail in mp. But im going into uncharted 4 with high hopes.

Brazz1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

WTF!? Uncharted 2 and TLOUS have amazing MP,some o f the best a had seen.
Uncharted 3 was a bit under U2/TLOUS, but for real, Uncharted 2/TLOUS have a MP at the level of Gears, easy. The only exclusive that is cut above the rest in MP is HALO, godlike MP for HALO 3, HALO is just above any PS exclusive in MP for shooting.

StrayaKNT1064d ago

Come on dude they are no where near gears in mp seriously gears defined tps last gen and is still the best tps ever made.

remixx1161064d ago

"Cough" socom 2 "cough" "cough"

1064d ago
Old_Prodigy1064d ago

I agreed to soon, I retract my agree. I definitely enjoy TLOU multiplayer more than I've ever enjoyed Halo's.

neoandrew1063d ago


Yeah but it is ok to downplay great games like GOW because you like ps more. Grow up!

Obvious ps fanboy i obvious.

Kingscorpion19811063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I thought the last of us was an overall better game than Gears. Gears got stale and boring. Not to mention their new developer didn't even make one game yet. It's a reason why PS4 is outselling the xbone its because it's far superior with amazing exclusives that get game of year awards way more than Xbone

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