Titan Souls Review (Video Chums)

Review for Titan Souls on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The epitome of soul-sucking. Once in a while, an indie game comes out with a lot of hype attached. This hype warrants high expectations from gamers, but it isn't always a guarantee of quality. Does Titan Souls live up to its hype or is it nothing but an overrated disappointment?

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yuukiliu1215d ago

Boss fights that require luck. I'm sorry but they don't. You may get lucky once or twice, but you can and should be able to beat all the bosses in this game with skill. Luck won't get you through hard mode. Aiming the bow is frustrating? Must be your lack of skill and why you rely on luck so much.

VideoChums1214d ago

Although skill is definitely required, luck still plays too much of a role. Also, if you read the review, we explain why aiming is frustrating (ie: there's no indication of exactly where you're aiming, tapping the attack button does nothing, and charging requires time that you often don't have). It has nothing to do with the reviewer's "lack of skill" but if you want to resort to insults, then I guess that's your decision.

Scatpants1214d ago

Sounds like somebody sucks at the game. I played all the way through it and loved it. The charging requiring time is part of the skill. You have to be very deliberate in your shots and make them count. Also if you look at your guy while aiming his arrow points to where it is going to go. 8/10

DigitalRaptor1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

How has Titan Souls been overhyped? Or even hyped to any consequential degree?

If it disappoints based on hype, that is your fault for not controlling your expectations. The reviews for this game are all over the place, with obtuse reasoning everywhere on the lower scoring ones. The game is good. What is going on?