1UP E3 2008: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Preview

E3 gave journalists their first hands-on time with six of the game's characters: three from each side. Of note, the attack buttons have changed somewhat to accommodate the addition of superheroes. Instead of two punch and two kick attacks, you now simply have four attack buttons. In many cases, these will indeed translate back to the punches and kicks, but for some of the DC characters, they will be repurposed to other attack variants. Other adjustments for the DC cast include the good-guy-accomodating "brutalities," which will take the place of the series' trademark fatalities. Don't worry, though -- DC villains and MK characters will still perform fatalities. Superman's brutality was in this demo, and it was plenty over-the-top: Superman pounded his opponent into the ground until only his head was sticking out.

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