5 Reasons To Be Excited For Star Wars: Battlefront

"Though I have causes for concern given EA’s atrocious track record at reviving old franchises, I’m doing my very best to be optimistic, and there are reasons to be excited. Five of them, in fact."

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chazjamie1181d ago

I hope people realize this game is most likely going to have to have the same fate as evolve and titanfall. I suspect forking out $60 for this game is going to be the bare minimum. There is going to be no ceiling for this game.

TheJacksonRGN1181d ago

This game is from an established gaming franchise based on a mega popular movie franchise. It won't have the same fate as those games.

Who knows how long it will last, but it won't fizzle out so quickly.

venom061181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

How the hell you know this OP? Have you seen gameplay? Seriously, people so dang quick to be EA haters, they just pull crap out the sky and put it on N4G, then sound like complete morons without a SHRED of evidence or proof. This is a reboot and folks that have seen ACTUAL gameplay said it looked awesome. But since it's "hip" and "cool" to hate on anything EA/DICE, people rush to their computer with what they think is witty banter, but ends up being foolish, whiny babble. Until you see the game, chill with the haterism. But unfortunately, kneejerk negativity seems to infest the gaming community in general (unless it's you favorite dev/publisher, then you wanna give them the benefit of the doubt)

SnotyTheRocket1181d ago

LOTs of people still play BF4. If the launch is steady, this game will last a while.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Agreed. I STILL PLAY BF4 on PS4 even. DICE is one of the best teams to get handed this game because they know how to craft a MP game. I don't care for the SP in the BF games nor in Battlefront and I'm happy they are not wasting time with something they don't even do right in the BF games.

@chazjamie- DICE has a amazing track record with making amazing multiplayer games. I have no clue what you mean by "bare minimum" as no BF game has just launched with 40 maps. That is standard to have the amount of maps that this game actually has.

I love when people say junk regarding games with DLC, I mean...have you seen a damn BF launch with 40 maps? Have you seen Mario Kart launch with more then 32 courses? Yet Mario Kart 8 has DLC...that bare minimum too?

Or was Mario Kart 8 DLC suppose to be in Mario Kart 8?

I'm sorry but at what point do we even know what was suppose to be or what is extra?

Not everyone will just memorize every single map, not everyone will just pour 500 hours in the game...those extras are for those that will do that. Why spend money on MORE maps on a game most consumers won't even play past a certain amount of hours? It makes more sense to just add them as DLC.

They are called "extra's" for a reason.

PlayableGamez1181d ago

Those are lame reasons to be excited for. The no prequel one is not something that you should be happy about.

iamnsuperman1181d ago

In the grand scheme of things these seem like bottom of the barrel reasons

crazychris41241181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Not even worth a click.

1. 40 player multiplayer (BF2 supported 64)
2. Female characters (Good but not something to get excited for)
3. No prequel trilogy (They were in BF2)
4. Vehicles (They were in BF2)
5. Darth Vader (He was in BF2)

So what exactly is DICE bringing to the table thats new? Seems to me like were getting a half a$$ed remaster. Hopefully the gameplay they show at E3 proves me wrong. I mean no space battles, PC split screen, prequel battles or campaign? Are you kidding me? What have they been working on this whole time?

Summons751181d ago

Sounds like you just want a carbon copy of BF2... This could be great and a true star wars/ battlefront fan should be excited.

Joey_Leone1181d ago

The hype for this game is pathetic, i wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be garbage, from what i know so far, it looks like it will be.

_-EDMIX-_1181d ago

"remaster"? LMFAO! Sooooo because it has the same features, it must be the same game?

Sooo bud, I bet Mario Kart 8 is just a joke remaster of Mario Kart on SNES, I mean come on bro, it has Peach, race tracks, the same sound track just remixed, what have Nintendo be working on? Are you kidding me bro?

I've legit never heard of such a slow response in my life regarding a game.

Different developer, different engine, likely a different play style all together. I'm sorry but you need to actually really read how games are made. Coming from the same franchise doesn't some how mean it is a "half a$$ed remaster" those are staple things that will be in the series regardless.

I'm sorry but knowing what Solid Snake looks like doesn't some how mean the next game will coming any faster, games are not just this huge copy and paste job.

You must factor in, developer, engine, the whole game in general must be factored into such a thing. I'd rather have DICE working on this game then LucasArts. If LA was working on this game, it would not only never release, it would cost a fortune and likely not even work right. I love BF2, but if you where to make that game today, it would be a huge endeavor.

DICE is taking their time and making it right, mind you...who the hell says new features or modes won't return down the line? Bud this is their first Battlefront game, it likely won't be their last.

breezy241180d ago

Haha! What a laughable article.

40 player limit when Battlefront 2 was 64 on the PS2? Battlefront is supposed to be about large scale chaos, not tight-Battlefield style matches

No space battles. It's a f*ing STAR WARS game. Space is what it's all about. They were the best aspect of Battlefront 2.

No prequel trilogy. Sure, they sucked as films. But hell, lets just cut half the game.

Plus the revelation that they'll only be 4 playable planets at launch and actually, vehicles aren't coming back in a big way. AT-AT's aren't playable, they are AI only.

Bottom of the barrel. How are is the OP excited about getting a half-assed, stripped down game whereby most of the features are probably going to come out as pay DLC at a later date.