DriveClub Update 1.14 is Live, Takes up Nearly 2.70GB

Taking up 2.69GB, update 1.14 brings the total size of all DriveClub updates to a combined 9.85GB.

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uth111159d ago

Seems big for what it adds.. when they say "combined" does that mean the total size of all patches a fresh install needs is 2.7Gb, or just this patch is 2.7Gb?

SoapShoes1159d ago

The patch adds free updates as well as all of the paid DLC, it just isn't unlocked until it's on the store.

SmokingMonkey1159d ago

I got Driveclub and Bloodborn for $10 each from the Sony Retail Loyalty site coming to me in the mail!

Taking way too long!

Any Driveclub or Bloodborn tips for someone who doesn't usually care for driving games and gave up on Demon Soul's after one trophy?

WildArmed1159d ago

For Bloodborne, go for the axe when you get your starter weapon.

Learn to spin with it.

Spin2win. Good luck.

SmokingMonkey1159d ago

LOL at the disagree's!

Does someone disagree that I got them at $10 a piece?
or Is someone upset about exclusives?
or Is someone upset I stopped playing Demon Soul's?

Does someone disagree to the Spin2win technique?


nunley331159d ago

very lame stopping after one trophy in demon's souls, it's a great game. i'm sure you will do the same with bloodborne since it's a hard game.

SmokingMonkey1159d ago

I know! I hate that 1 trophy thing on a lot of my games. I do have 40 platinums so I do play beat games on hard. But idk what got me off of Demon Souls, I loved the way the Knight felt when I side jumped. But I felt like I would be grinding for a long time to get anywhere. BB looks so cool and the review scores back it up. I love the comparison to old games like Megaman and Castlevania type difficulty!

Best part about both Driveclub and BB is that I only paid $10 for each! Thank You Sony Retail Site!
So iF I don't like them it wont feel like a $60 loss.

Playing and loving Axiom Verge on my PS4, got thst for $10 on too!

nunley331158d ago

you got a good deal on a few good games. I love how Axiom Verge is basically Metroid on PlayStation. Games like Demon's Soul's aren't for everyone and i still need to platinum Dark Souls too.

dadz1159d ago

Between the huge install sizes and huge patches 500gb just isn't enough for more than a few games without having to un-install some. :\

Ultr1159d ago

Already replaced mine with 2tb. You should do the same :)

bloop1159d ago

My hdd has been full since before Christmas and I need to delete loads of stuff every time I get a new game now and it's becoming a bit of a pain. I've seen vids of swapping out the drives and it looks very simple to do, but what puts me off is the aftermath!! Is there anyway of transferring everything off your old drive onto the new one or do you have to reinstall and download everything again?? That's the only thing holding me back from upgrading.

Ultr1159d ago

2.5 update introduced:

"Back-Up and Restore HDD to USB — Back-up and restore your hard disc drive data associated with users on your PS4, including settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data, to and from an external USB drive."

go ahead :D

bloop1159d ago

@Ultr: Sweet!!! I didn't know that!! I'll definitely look into swapping out the drive soon enough then. Didn't know it was possible to back up everything and restore from external.

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