PlayStation Survey shows possible incentives for future pre-orders


Sony is sending around a survey which shows possible incentives which may be given when pre-ordering from the PlayStation Store.

Of course the images shown below are most likely an idea of what Sony could do as incentive to get people to pre-order from the PlayStation Store and it doesn't necessarily mean this will happen.

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jordypordy1160d ago

Interesting. Some of those prices + incentives look much better, especially if you are a PS Plus member.

Crimzon1160d ago

Oh, so pre-order incentives are suddenly a good thing now?

billybehr1160d ago

I would say yes. If it costs less to sell/distribute a game digitally, then one would think it should cost the consumer less. Since they don't offer them less than retail, it's nice to see them offer an incentive to actually purchase digital. Previously we'd be limited to incentives from brick and mortar stores only. Just a thought.

MasterCornholio1160d ago

Well imagine if they gave you a 20% discount when you preorder a digital copy.

I dont see that as a bad thing.

jmc88881160d ago

Yes, incentives would be nice.

SolidDuck1160d ago

Option 1 for sure. 3 and 4 are pretty good too. Option 2 the weakest in my opinion.

bloop1160d ago

They should also have an option where pre-loads will actually unlock when the timer runs out instead of having to wait 2-3 days after to finally acquire a license. I haven't pre ordered digitally since Watch Dogs. It took 2 days for the game to be playable and none of the pre order bonus content unlocked. I had to jump through too many hoops to try and get the content to unlock that I eventually just gave up so I never got any of it in the end. The only thing that would entice me to pre order digitally again would be having a decent discount (digital is waaaay too expensive considering, anyway) and also being guaranteed that the game will actually be playable when the timer runs out.

1nsomniac1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Only thing that needs to be used as a pre-order incentive is discount price!

I haven't pre-ordered a game in probably over a year but the pre-order offer for The Witcher 3 @ £40.49. Made me not only pre-order but also buy digital!

..So what customers have been telling companies for years, actually worked.... imagine that!

MegaRay1160d ago

I preorder my games before a day of their release. I get the same preorder bonus other gets ^^

Best thing in vita games is, if you buy the game first week (sometimes month) you GET a preorder bonus. Kinda cool :)

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