Stealing In ESO Just Got Nerfed

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Stealing in ESO just became a lot less profitable with yesterday’s v2.06 patch.

Yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios (ZOS) launched v2.06, an incremental game patch that fixed a number of issues (you can read the full game patch notes here). Among the fixes was a Justice System tweak that nerfed the amount of money a thief could make stealing armor and weapons."

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roguedragon11066d ago

Being a console gamer I haven't played eso yet but ffs can't people have any fun.

Hereiamhereibe21057d ago

Sure because its fun to have the majority of players doing the exact same thing in the exact same place over and over in an open world mmorpg. Its just balanced so everyone will not be so inclined to do one job and ruin the spirit of tes.