Are you sick of the PS4's frequent stability updates?

The PS4 Update 2.51 is the latest in a long line of system updates that have been made available for the PS4 and don't really add much to the console bar stabilizing a few things. Are you sick of being stopped to update your console on such a regular basis, often for things that you won't even notice?

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Abash1188d ago

Every stability update has taken like a minute to download and install, so I can't say they bother me

Xsilver1188d ago

whats his definition of frequent? he acts like its every month smh.

subtenko1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Are you tired of free updates improving your console every so often?

GTFO with this BS! -_- *facepalm*

thekhurg1188d ago

QQ articles like this are just slow news day pieces. Gotta generate traffic somehow.

vishmarx1188d ago

theyre like 200mb downloads every 3 to 4 months. they infuriate me.i almost killed a cat in blind rage today.

seriously, i got mortal kombat last week and that alone has had 2 5-6gb of updates that are 90% dlc
wtf was the writer thinking

Highlife1188d ago

I hope the author doesn't own a smartphone or pc.

nicksetzer11188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Yea, it's not really that frequent TBH, and goes by pretty quick. I am all for updates as often as they want to push them out. (No more than once every 1-2 weeks though)

I would rather they get rid of scheduled maintenence that takes parts PSN down every time it happens personally.

Nirvana315911188d ago

I'm actually happy with these updates. TBH my Xbox can use a few stability patches because the OS is slow as hell

donthate1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

This was quite common on the PS3 and heck of annoying. Update download speed was slow as hell.

The PS4 has greatly improved upon this. Does it bother me?

Only when the updates takes a while and provides no visible changes. However, the vast majority are just like the Xbox 360 did it, pretty fast so I can deal with it. No problem.

However, like vishmarx was saying, the massive update size for games day-zero is ridiculous. What is in those patches that takes so much space?

The updates went anywhere from 10-100 times more data. WTF?

sonarus1188d ago

Man i can't even remember the last time i was aware of my console updating. Usually i only know after the fact when i see a little notification. I swear people will whine and complain about anything

himdeel1188d ago

I have a full time job responsibilities and shit. My PS4 updates automatically. I have to check my notifications to even know an update happened. Sound like a first world problem if the minute or two it takes to update bothers this person.

BG115791188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Not to say, even if don't download automatically, you can still download it while playing an offline game...
So another non-issue complain about something just for the kicks of it...

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aceitman1188d ago

So hes just about saying It's like getting sick of updates every month but doesn't say it. Cuz if he's sick of stability updates.i can imagine updates period

kraenk121188d ago

I'm definitely sick of stupid articles like this on N4G!

UKmilitia1188d ago

i think he wouldnt mind a feature or something other than stability each month.

its something xbox does really well.
It seems Sony just ignores people for ages then says there is an update,were as MS have constant feedback and communiction with owners of xb1.

i love my ps4 but i wish it was more like xb1 in terms of updates.

bicfitness1188d ago

"I'd rather my console crashes every 5 minutes, wipes my data and/ or has another catastrophic failure."

Said no one ever. My Lord, people complain about everything these days. You want annoying updates? Own an iOS product. Updates take forever and each one is near guaranteed to BREAK compatibility with a piece of software on the device.

RosweeSon1188d ago

Exactly haha who wants a stable console.

Septic1188d ago

This is hardly a problem on the PS4. Doesnt seem worth complaining about at all.

Death1188d ago

I set mine to auto download. Stability update "issues" are non-existent as far as I'm concerned.

1nsomniac1188d ago

You still have to manually install them just like the rest of us. You're just in the minority of people who don't pay bills or care about the environment or resources that leave your PS4 continuously in standby/rest mode.

The majority of us dont mind an occasional notification asking us to perform an update that takes 2 minutes.

I agree though, it's a non-existent issue.

Caffo011188d ago

no, with the 2.50 firmware you can set the ps4 to autoinstall updates.

Death1188d ago

lol, did you just say I don't pay bills? That is awesome. You don't know me, please don't make assumptions like that. The amount of power I am using to keep my PS4 in standby mode is a small enough amount relative to the amount I pay out of my budget that I don't care. As for the environmental concerns of using this massive amount of power needed to be in standby, once again I don't really care. I am more offended over the use of electric hand dryers as a way to stop the use of renewable and biodegradable hand towels in restaurants. It's easier to plant a tree than it is to hide spent fuel rods or strip mine more coal.

I would imagine the computers you and I are using for this enlightening conversation are using much more electricity than a PS4 in standby mode.

According to this, my PS4 in standby with USB charging turned off, draws 3 watts. At $.10 per kWh that is a grand total of $.07 per day or $2.63 per year if I leave it in standby 24/7. For each hour a day I use it, the cost goes up $3.29 for the year. Assuming you and I play the exact same amount per year, I'm ok with that budget breaking additional $2.63 for the year.

OB1Biker1188d ago

Yea it's really hardly noticeable. That article click bait in the face.
Gaming journalism getting more ridiculous every day. it's a shame a lot of people don't question the media enough and instead get manipulated and get told what they should whine about

MK24ever1188d ago

Are we tired of pointless articles?

And I prefer stability updates to a slow or erratic gaming system.

DeputyB1188d ago

Exactly, it doesn't affect anything. This is just the internet being the internet.

Errefus1188d ago

well you know haters gonna hate.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1188d ago

Nope. But I wouldn't expect anything else other than flamebait from a poor quality site like this. Anything for hits right guys?

Spa4tan1188d ago

At first i thought this article was rhetorical

Errefus1188d ago

especially when the system automatically downloads it and installs it.

Clunkyd1188d ago

You know what I'm sick of, "articles" like these.

Gamer19821188d ago

indeed this is a hate article and N4G should ban them..

GordonKnight1188d ago

I have no problem with the updates, but the number of updates just proves that Sony released the PS4 pre-maturely. It makes me wonder how better the console could be if they delayed the release by one year.

Spotie1188d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

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JMaine5181188d ago

Why would I? If it's to improve the system I'm all for it.

MrBeatdown1188d ago

The need to give up a whole minute of my time every month or so is truly a problem that Sony needs to address.

PCGamingNoobs1188d ago

they will fix it with a maintenance update next month.

Kingdomcome2471188d ago

I know right? Where do they get the gumption?

uth111188d ago

Maybe if it was happening every other day, like it happens for many smartphone apps, it would be annoying, but Sony's are fairly infrequent. As long as they aren't breaking anything new, it's fine with me.