Project CARS Looks Unbelievably Real In Its Final Build

The final build of Project CARS sports incredibly realistic graphics, as shown in these screenshots taken from a backer.

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Aurenar1060d ago

I'll get to test my new Crossfire.

thereapersson1060d ago

There's something I can't quite wrap my head around, and that's the overall animation quality. It's been this way since I saw early build video footage, and it still seems to linger in my eyes when I watch more current footage. The game looks great in first person cockpit mode (though I would definitely give Drive Club the nod when comparing weather effects). Everything looks herky-jerky, but I think it's more an unintentional effect from the game being 60FPS. It makes me wonder if Drive Club would be the same way if it were 60FPS.

Still looks like a blast and I'm glad that the developers are working hard to optimize the console versions. Does anyone know what wheel systems this game will support?

herbs1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

That's because even slight frame drops from 60fps are much more noticible when compared to a game running at 30fps. Project Cars will get herky jerky on consoles when the tracks are filled with 20+ cars and this is unavoidable due to the lacking CPUs. The game will still be awesome, also herd it will not be full price which is stellar, just trying to explain the reality of the situation.

Festano1061d ago

I have to take this absolutely.

1060d ago
Rob Hornecker1060d ago

I can't wait to see the release date pushed back...again! LOL!!!

Skate-AK1060d ago

It won't. It already went gold.

Rob Hornecker1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

We will see. I have had it on preorder for over a year now. Lets just hope that when it is released that it will be worth all the hype.

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