Does The PlayStation/Star Wars Battlefront Partnership Signal A New Direction For Sony?

With Sony partnering with EA for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, does this move mark a new change of pace for Sony as they become more aggressive with third party branding and partnerships due to the large sales base of the PS4? In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Reviewed look at this topic head on.

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Neonridr1181d ago

well considering they did the same thing with Destiny (even more so with the exclusive timed content), I would say No.

Abash1181d ago

I wouldn't call it a new direction either, it is just something that is becoming increasing more possible for Sony to do with the revenue they are making from the PS4 (and PS3 even) along with the advantage of having a significantly larger install base.

Neonridr1181d ago

yeah, I mean it's nothing new right now. MS works with Activision for Call of Duty and did so with Ubisoft for Assassin's Creed.

So this sort of this is to be expected moving forward.

That being said, it was smart for Sony to get some extra rights to this game since it looks like they won't have a big holiday blockbuster exclusive now that Uncharted was moved to 2016.

SmielmaN1181d ago

Ya it seems like they are reinvesting the revenue from PS4 into specific deals with third party devs. It's like a complete reversal from the first two years of xb360/PS3. Market share matters to third party devs it seems.

chrismichaels041181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most anticipated games coming out this year. Its a smart business move for Sony to market big AAA 3rd party games along with their exclusives.

But no, this is nothing new for Sony. Since the launch of the PS4, many big 3rd party studios have already partnered with Sony to market their games like Assassins Creed IV, Watchdogs, Destiny, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, NBA2K, Battlefield Hardline, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and more recently Star Wars Battlefront.

The PS4 is the highest selling current gen console on the market today and has the biggest worldwide marketshare. It makes sense for so many 3rd party studios to capitalize on the PS4s massive popularity by associating their game with the PlayStation brand and offering bonuses to the PlayStation community like exclusive or early Betas, content and DLCs.

Transistor1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

The SWBF and COD BO3 deals represent a change in the industry. PS4 is the leader in every country on planet earth. PS4 is now the focus. The amount of money from Microsoft received has to alleviate the revenue earned from double the fanbase. Why would you release exclusive DLC for a lesser fanbase. People want to advertise to the largest fanbase, they have no allegiance. COD was an Xbox marketed franchise because Xbox 360 had the majority of the US locked down, not anymore.

Neonridr1181d ago

you would release it because you were paid to. You think EA is doing this out of the kindness of their hearts? Money talks.

Transistor1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Consumer money matters just as much as the company money. It's not just to the highest bidder, other things are taken into consideration like regional fanbase and worldwide consumers.

You'll see.

Don't think this just goes for marketing either, this also goes for timed exclusive rights and third party exclusives.

Gamer19821181d ago

This isn't really Sony either its the marketing company they have hired who has made these deals. I also don't really get them that much.. People know the games gonna be on xbox too so whats they point? It's not exclusive so its not going to get enough sales to justify the cost of exclusive advertising in my book..

Neonridr1181d ago

it's weird, because it will sell better on the PS4 and everyone will say "That's because of all the exclusive marketing rights, just like when Sony advertised Destiny". However, they will neglect the fact that there are twice as many PS4 users than Xbox One users.

So if the game doesn't sell twice as many copies over the Xbox One version, should we all say "well that marketing didn't work because the Xbox One attachment rate was higher" ??

sinncross1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Not really. Sony has been don\ing this through the PS3 years too, with IPs like AC (which is now MS).

As for PS4. they have done this with Watch Dogs, you can see it with Batman, and even the upcoming MGS. There was even the big one: Destiny.

And then of course there is SCEJA who are partnering with lots of companies to get games into development and pushed on the PS4.

So this is nothing new for Sony, its just another move they are making in something they are doing very successfully atm.

Chevalier1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I am one of the few people who would disagree with most of the comments so far. I do the marketing changes every week and have for 7 years at EB Games. So the reason I disagree is the scope of the advertising for Destiny in particular was a huge change because the scope was much larger than most advertising campaigns.

For example when we had Watchdogs which was primarily advertised for PS4 it may have been the window banner one month then followed by ceiling banners later in the fall.

Whereas like Destiny our current advertising for Star Wars Battefront encompasses EVERYTHING. It marked the FIRST time in all my years working (even Destiny didn't have this marketing). We received our marketing midweek, which is not unusual. What was completely different was this one had a specific email with immediate parts and with a centralized/ unified time across the globe. Specifically for 12:30 central time last Friday.

We were even specifically told that this advertising was top secret and ANY Twitter, Facebook or photos of any kind would get us in trouble.

Now what I mean for the advertising space, Sony/EA deal is all encompassing. They literally have 100% of the possible advertising space. Usually either MS, Sony, 2K buy parts of the advertising each month. Even when GTA was part of a 2k/Sony deal they didn't buy this much advertising.

This one took every inch. PS4 section, ceiling banners, wall poster, EA stand. Also unlike some other games which still have the Xbox logo represented. This one has blue border with PS4 logo and Sony's Greatness Awaits on the banner. Also you will only see Xbox logo in one place and that is on the back of the case cover in tiny words. If you don't look closely though everything has PS4 prominently focused and even has a light blue background to match.

Wish I could post photos without getting in trouble to show you guys how complete this advertising is.


Also forgot to add we all got shirts to wear and lanywards as well for SW. This also doesn't always happen. We did have lanywards for Destiny, but, later after other advertising. GTA even didn't get us shirts.

Immorals1181d ago

I wonder how much this all is costing Sony, seeing as all Microsoft has to do is bide their time, and then put up an EA access advert with Battlefront 'play it first here!'

EA are the real winners here

Gamer19821181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

nothing new for Sony?? It really is buying exclusive rights to ads last generation there marketing was terrible. They may have shown ads on behalf of 3rd partys to show off there consoles saying the games on playstation that was definitely there but they never did an exclusive advertising deal. This is all because of the new marketing team they hired just before the ps4 launch who have clearly worked wonders for Sony.

SpaceRanger1181d ago

I think they put it in a good context. "A changing of the guard".

Sony has never really been as big in advertising 3rd party games as MS is to my knowledge. So adjusting to a market that isn't as heavily advertised, since MS is trying to move toward promoting their 1st party games coming out this holiday, really changes the playing field.

Everyone thought that Sony would just had MS the holiday season without fighting back. With this Battlefront deal, I'd say that Sony has gotten themselves a boat, rather than just a life raft, to get through the season and stay just as popular as it is now.

jackanderson19851181d ago

really? Assassins Creed is the first one that comes to mind, metal gear solid pretty much always

i'm sure there's plenty more

TheGreatGamer1181d ago

Think the author is looking a little too much into a market deal. MS and Sony been doing this for a long time now, nothing new.

Garethvk1181d ago

Sony has been more aggressive though than in the past. Street Fighter 5, Destiny, and Battlefront did not come cheap.

SpitFireAce851181d ago

I guess that's why we pay for PS+ lol

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Maybe it was less expensive for Sony than Microsoft due to the system having a much larger install base. Maybe EA pitched the deal to Sony first because they know the game will sell a lot better on the PS4 than the XB1.

That's just my theory anyways.

ScorpiusX1181d ago

No not really it a partnership for one game , besides EA is going to make more deals like this with other platforms and with other IPS ..

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Well that's true. But you have to take into account the size of the install base and the software sales on the system. I believe EA will go to Sony first for many of these types of deals.

Again just my theory.

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