Alan Wake 2 Wasn't Cancelled; Never In Production Says Writer; "Things Went Into Another Direction"

After the reveal of prototype footage for Alan Wake 2 yesterday Remedy's senior writer Mikko Rautalahti fired up his Twitter to explain how Alan Wake wasn't cancelled and how things went into another direction.

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ScorpiusX1099d ago

Now that's cleared up , let us hope that you Folks at Remedy and MS find the direction to bring a port of Alan Wake to Xbox one and its Sequel to Xbox one Exclusively .

MasterCornholio1099d ago

Even if the sequel was multiplat I dont see how that would harm XB1 owners.

I mean Final Fantasy ended up on the Xbox and it didn't hurt PlayStation owners.

NeverHeavyMan1099d ago

Agreed! Beyond that, some of us PC owners would love another shot at Wake!

-Foxtrot1099d ago

It would help the franchise at the end of the day. The game is fantastic and would of been more appreciated on the PS3 since at the time gamers were getting involved in story based games like Uncharted or Heavy Rain.

Kingdomcome2471099d ago

But people would lose a means of boasting if others were allowed to experience this amazing ip. Can't you see that! /s I always thought that Microsoft should make a run at bringing Remedy into their first party stable, but allowing everyone to enjoy great games is always a plus in my eyes.

no_more_heroes1099d ago

True, and I feel the same way. There were, however, a lot of people who did blame FF13's supposed crappiness on being on the 360.

It boggles the mind how people can think like that.

AngelicIceDiamond1099d ago

@Master No but the usual hypocritical statements will arise once again.

I hear "Xbox needs a diverse line up of games" "MS needs to do better on its games" or "I'll buy an X1 when they get a diverse portfolio

This game hits PlayStation.

"MS does poor investment in their games" "Another game gone" "Xbox has no games" "MS are poor game publisher"

See what I'm getting at?

This needs to stay on Xbox. Not only am I tired of the hypocrisy but MS really does need to do better with their games.

And no offense but it sounds like your port begging also. PS4 has plenty of games.

Mass Effect, TF, even Gears would of been begged on PS4 if it was still owned by Epic.

PS4 has a diverse line up. Its Xbox needs help in diversifying in line up correct? So in order for that to happen this needs to stay on Xbox right?

vega2751099d ago


I have a better question. Why are sonyfanboys begging for this game to come to ps systems when they were bashing the game last gen. Now it's "bu bu bu more people should get to play it" why aren't they saying the same for Sony exclusive they love to brag about.

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stragomccloud1099d ago

Get it for PC! You can already play the game at 1080p and 60fps..... Or higher.

vega2751099d ago

That's what I'm doing with SF5 and no mans sky comes out.

AngelicIceDiamond1099d ago

Remedy just simply doesn't cancel projects if something else turns up they'll focus all on that, and they'll most likely come back to Alan Wake soon after Quantum Break.

That video was a prototype mock up sketched ideas of what they wanted in Alan Wake 2. But they never made a game out of it. Here's hoping they green light it after QB and make the game exclusively on Xbox One.

Link2DaFutcha1099d ago

First one was solid, one of the more fun and interesting of its genre. Hopefully they don't make it exclusive though, it'd be great if more people could enjoy it.

-Foxtrot1099d ago

I don't think they would of gotten money from Microsoft if they decided to make Alan Wake 2. I kind of think Microsoft turned around and told them to try and make a new IP which would hopefully gain more of an audience (more sales) when it releases. I remember seeing that MS were apparently disappointed with Alan Wakes sales...despite being pretty decent for a new IP.

gangsta_red1099d ago

It's pretty apparent from the recent interviews and the information from the last few articles that both Remedy and MS were more excited with exploring QB than an Alan Wake 2 at that moment.

"...hopefully gain more of an audience (more sales) when it releases."

Isn't that a huge risk when dealing with a new IP? Wouldn't it make more sense to make a sequel to an already established game and capitalize on that game's already set audience?

MS weren't disappointed with the sales, sure they could have been better but I doubt they expected this game to sell gangbusters. And that is all the more reason they could have made a sequel because the first one did have decent sales.

-Foxtrot1099d ago

Well you don't really know what Remedy wanted to do. They could tell us anything that's why we are all speculating saying things like "could" and "think". We don't know if they are telling the truth, you wouldn't turn around after your making a game for someone by speaking badly about them.

Microsoft, like last gen, has this attitude where if the game doesn't sell a shit load then it's a "disappointment", instead of actual giving the franchise another shot they'd rather start again and hope the next game will get a bigger following the first time round.

With the rise of interest in Alan Wake, Microsoft will now release a remaster to gain more sales on the original title THEN do a sequel.

If they believed that much in Alan Wake they would of noticed it's established fanbase and did a sequel, having hope that it's good enough that the audience will grow.

AngelicIceDiamond1099d ago

"MS weren't disappointed with the sales,"

Well @Fox was actually right on that.

Rumor was MS wasn't happy about the sales of Alan Wake, like at all. And apparently the publishing rights for the sequel were nearly up in the air. And according to Sam Lakes recently comments that seems to be true Alan Wake 2 publishing rights is still in the air.

But with that said I have no doubt in my mind Phil's gonna greenlit production.

gangsta_red1099d ago

You are also assuming a lot about MS when a game is a "disappointment".

And why would Remedy lie about something as little as "MS didn't want to do it?", how is that speaking badly about MS? Is it really that hard to believe that maybe...just maybe as this guy said that they were more interested and excited in doing a new IP than re-visiting Alan Wake.

Spencer has also expressed interest in Alan Wake and he has said he would love to return to that franchise when the time is right.

MS believed in Alan Wake but both parties were more interested in making a new IP for the Xbox system. Something everyone was criticizing MS of not having enough IP's.

gangsta_red1099d ago

Glad to see that is cleared up. I remember seeing a few on here constantly saying that MS "made" Remedy cancel the game or something similar.

christocolus1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

That's the usual line around these The guys at Remedy are very talented,i just hope we get a sequel to AW after QB is released.

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