Star Wars Battlefront 3: AT-STs Controllable, AT-ATs Not Controllable, No Galactic Conquest

DICE seems set to focus on making their Battlefront a Star Wars themed Battlefield game, rather than reexplore all the ideas and tropes from the first games.

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smolinsk1186d ago

This game looks more and more like a disappointment.

Brotard1186d ago

Why don't you wait until it comes out, they obviously have a direction that they are taking this, and just cause it is the EXACT same as the previous games, does not mean it's going to be a disappointment!

Multiplatguy1186d ago

I wouldn't call it a disappointment, it still looks very good and I bet it will be fun. But it's not the Battlefront that a lot of us wanted.

Without Space combat, AT-ATs you can actually use on Hoth or Galactic Conquest, I am not as hyped for it as I was.

3-4-51186d ago

* There is no disappointment, only a failure to assess reality by a lot of arrogant people.

* How arrogant to think you can judjge ANY GAME for ANY CONSOLE that we only know about 50-10% of the details about ?

* Why aren't you all playing the lottery, because you all seem to think you know everything about every game before it's released.

* The ignorance and arrogance on this site is astounding. Seriously.

* Bloodborne doesn't appeal to me at all.....I wasn't trying to tell everyone WHAT it was going to be.

I couldn't have possibly known, so I JUST WAITING.

* Truly Smart people will wait and see, ONCE they have gathered more facts.

* The rest will act like they know everything.

Have some patience with games people.

* Dev' are only ruining so much.

YOU the gamers are going the rest...

morganfell1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

When a continuation of a well known game series is announced and the latest version lacks many common features held in high regard by long time fans of previous games then there is warranted disappointment. The idea that there will be no space battles isn't fan supposition or was announced by Dice.

Disappointment is warranted when the now missing features were enjoyed by most gamers and functioned well on far less powerful platforms and were built by smaller dev teams. When the current developer/publisher has a recent history of bad launches as well as withholding common features to be released later as paid DLC then skepticism combined with the aforementioned disappointment is warranted.

No arrogance is required to judge a game when the developer has clearly stated that prominent features from previous games will be omitted. When half of the known details are about features from previous titles that will now be left out, no arrogance is required to call a duck, a duck. Quack quack quack.

The truly astounding ignorance is that which exists when one witnesses the removal of time tested fan favorite features and believes one should do nothing but sit on their fist and rear back on their thumb. A poorly made Star Wars game slammed by gamers and ridiculed by the press does not persuade the IP owner to make more Star Wars games. If you care, then act.

The ignorance on this site that says you should sit back, do nothing, and wait until late beta is astounding.

Playing the lottery is what people are doing that squat and wait on something to come to them. Proactive gamers make their wants and needs heard ahead of time in order to possibly impact the game while there is still time. Playing the lottery is what losers do instead of working forcefully and preparedly to make your own luck by influencing the direction of development. Failing to speak up resembles failing to place an order with the waiter and simply waiting on an undercooked meal to be served up. It is a little late to complain to the cook at that point.

When enough facts have been provided directly from the source, truly smart and proactive people interdict matters immediately in order to correct the course of the ship heading for the rocks. Otherwise you get what you get and that never works. Those “rest of the people” can just be satisfied with whatever it is they receive but fans of BF want the game to be made correctly and with time tested features for which the series is known.

ion6661186d ago

Where do I sign the petition. We want space battles.

Koopdogg1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

OMFG when will yee morons get it into your simple minded skulls

This game is not a follow up to Battlefront 1 and 2 but a brand new
game using an existing IP going in a different direction!!!

Stop putting people off by highlighting this is a follow up to the previous two games !!!! IT NOT !!!!

Blues Cowboy1186d ago

Lots of exclamation marks but I agree, it's a point worth making. This is a reboot. Expecting a sequel will set you up for disappointment.

PaulKersey1186d ago

They shouldn't have named it Battlefront, but they're trying to cash in on the popularity of the previous 2 games. Uninformed buyers are in for an unfortunate surprise.

PlayableGamez1186d ago

No galactic conquest really? No longer a day one purchase for me. This is very disappointing.
This is not a Battlefront game. I don't know what it is, but it's not Battlefront.

1186d ago
Transistor1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

For people who don't get off being negative about everything, here's a gameplay screenshot showing First and Third person.

The game looks fantastic. Although no galactic conquest is disappointing.

spicelicka1186d ago

Holy shitt where the hell did you get that!

kamundo1186d ago

That is not even close to how the graphics for the final game will look. If the game looked that good when playing, they'd have tripped over themselves to show it off rather than only showing a pre-rendered movie.

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