Why Borderland's Krieg is a Great Character

Welcome to The A Team, where we talk about the biggest characters in gaming; the best heroes, the worst villains, and the flat-out coolest and toughest characters video games have to offer. In this entry, we’re looking at the Borderlands series for its greatest psychopath that Pandora can offer: Krieg.

Some of the stand out characters of videogames, those that make the storyline or gameplay in general shine, are the villains and psychopaths the game has to offer. Take for example the various Batman villains of the Arkham series, or Vaas from Farcry 3; they were some of the highlights from an already brilliantly driven story plot. But what is it all these villains have in common? You can’t play as them, that’s what.

However, whilst not necessarily a villain per se, the Borderlands series allows you to take on the role of a psychopath should you wish to as you embark on your quest as a vault hunter. That psychopath being the aptly named Krieg the Psycho whose quotes are both amusing to listen to and often disturbing at the same time.

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