Unreal Engine 4-powered "Super Mario Galaxy" Fan Project Gets New Video, Shows Functional Wall Jumps

YouTube’s member ‘CryZENx’ has released a new tech video from his Unreal Engine 4 project that aims to combine Super Mario 64 with Super Mario Galaxy in Epic’s engine.

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RmanX1000944d ago

Quick someone call Nintendo! TAKE IT DOWN! #NoStealing #NinlluminatiBeWatching

zeal0us944d ago

Pff I already reported to Nintendo's headquarters. They told me they're about to go Phoenix Wright on his butt.

Neonridr944d ago

Wow, great job on the animation. Really captures the feel from the original.

DragoonsScaleLegends944d ago (Edited 944d ago )

Nothing amazing, he should just make his own game with these features.

Emrage944d ago

It's pretty amazing imo the person that made this has a lot of talent but you're right he should make his own game but still this looks awesome.

DragonKnight944d ago

Hey would you mind uploading your video?

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DevilOgreFish944d ago

@ drpepperdude

It takes a lot of effort to make a decently budgeted game. There's beta testing, scripting, designing. and then there's the modeling aspects and making textures from scratch. That kind of stuff is ment for a team.

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wakeNbake944d ago

If they get aggressive over youtube licensing, I can only imagine how they will react to this.

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