Star Ocean 5 staff talks platform choices, development concept

Famitsu this week features a new interview with Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness producer Shuichi Kobayashi and director Hiroshi Ogawa, who discuss the game’s platform choice, development concept, downloadable content, and seamless focus.

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RmanX10001064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Thank god DLC is an after thought right now. As an aside, is there any quick way to go back and play the previous games? This game being announced has me interested to go back and try em now.

Xof1063d ago


It's probably not a bad thing that's it's so difficult to play SO3 or SO4 without tracking down old consoles and discs. But it does suck that there's no way to play the PS1 games.

You'd think by now Square-Enix would have gotten off their ass and tossed ISOs of either the PS1 discs up for PS3 or the PSP remake UMDs for Vita/PSP... but no, Square-Enix just hates their customers too much for that.

mikeslemonade1063d ago

Please cancel the PS3 version.

breakpad1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

"Why were PS4 and PS3 chosen as the hardware?

Kobayashi: “We thought about what hardware older Star Ocean fans played the most, and decided on PlayStation. Our choice of PlayStation 4 and PS3 specifically had less to do with wanting to stick to home consoles, per se, as much as just wanting this game to have as wide a reach as possible among those longtime fans.”.....this is what is called a right and wise descision ..Capcom take some lessons please

izumo_lee1063d ago

The 1st and 2nd games were updated for the psp. If u still have the original psone version of the second game u can play it on the PS3 though you'll have to start from scratch cause I don't think the PS3 has a memory card adapter.

As for the 3rd game if you still don't own a ps2 than u r out of luck cause that is the only way to play that game other than emulation.

The 4th game u can still pick up though they may be hard to find.

Chevalier1063d ago

The PS3 most definitely does have an adapter. I still own mine and transferred my saves over to my PS3.

GameBoyColor1063d ago

I got lucky with finding a single copy of 4 at my local gamestop. I jumped real quick and bought that game lol

Baka-akaB1063d ago

It will probably happens eventually ... albeit its maybe contingent to how well SO5 get received .

We already had SO1 and 2 remade once already , a port of SO4 ...

I wouldnt be surprised classic or remastered versions of SO 1-3 appears eventually

SegaSaturn6691063d ago

Play star ocean 2, then star ocean 4.

1 is pretty mediocre, 3 is an abomination.

SO2 is the greatest RPG ever created.

Baka-akaB1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

No way SO4 is the weak part of the bunch .

SO3 got plots points and twists that might irk people eventually , but it doesnt invalidate the whole game , and the fun we probably had before that turning point . Everything else from the settings , characters , music were better . And no one complained about its gameplay .

So4 failed at everything but the combats mechanics and somewhat pretty graphics .

There is a reason they do state that they are coming back to a vibe closer to SO3 this time around instead . But probably without the weird twists

izumo_lee1063d ago

The only thing that irks people about SO3 is the plot twist (which for me i didn't mind that much,it was interesting it went that direction) , other than that the characters & combat were very good.

SO4 is in my opinion a poorly designed game from character & story, the only thing that saves it is the upgraded battle system. The amount of back tracking you do in SO4 is irritating especially near end game.

The upgraded SO1 on the PSP was actually pretty good, but i agree that SO2 is the pinnacle of the series so far. Characters, story & gameplay all melded into a fantastic game.

F0XHOUND1063d ago

Wtf, star ocean 1 Is one of the greatest SNES rpg's ever. And 3 was also great.

4 was perfect in its battle system, but pales in comparison to the rest otherwise. 2 is awesome though I agree.

Tbh, they all are. 4 I just comedic ally bad at times, as was 3 I guess but both still great games.

elninels1063d ago

I have the most recent installment, pm me and maybe we can work something out.

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SegaSaturn6691063d ago

I need only refer you to the fact that cliff and maria are carbon copies of each other in so3. It had the weakest soundtrack and most tedious bonus dungeon with the silliest payoff towards the end.

SO3's fury system and loss of either hp or MP to win was brilliant, but overall, the story was bad, and the american dub really hurt it. You'd be doing a disservice to the series to take SO3 seriously.

rextraordinaire1063d ago

Cliff and Mirage.

Maria is not the same as Cliff. Maria is the one with Energy Burst, Magnetic Field and Drones.

Also, Mirage is not a canon party member. She was added in the international edition. Same as Adray.

You're not as much of a SO buff as you'd like to be, it seems.

SegaSaturn6691063d ago

I never claimed to be a SO buff. Played SO3 twice though. You're absolutely right about the names, not that it matters a whole lot. How exciting a new party member! It's a carbon copy. It was a total letdown compared to SO2.

It's an okay game in its own right, but against SO2 OR VP: Silmeria, it's sheer trash.

Geobros1063d ago

Happy to hear that they are working to a game which is for classic RPG fans and for old fans of the series.

bokharij1063d ago

Will this have an English dub? It looks interesting but I don't like dubs that I can't understand(I've skipped on Vita RPGs because of this). I respect that people like different dubs so I'd love an option.

rextraordinaire1063d ago

Every star Ocean game up until now got english dubs. This one shouldn't be different!