Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Preview – Always Leave Them Wanting More | GodisaGeek

Greg Hill: "I began playing Knights of Pen and Paper 2 not knowing what to expect at all, having not played the original or even thought about participating in the table-top RPGs it so charmingly pokes fun at. What greeted me was a rather unusual concept: you play as a group of friends taking part in a pen-and-paper RPG, not unlike Dungeons and Dragons. The table in which they are playing on is constantly on-screen: five friends, all different races and classes on one side, and the Dungeon Master, ruler and narrator of the game on the other. The only thing that changes about the setting is the backdrop, ever flitting through an array of pixel-art backdrops that burst with imagination and do a swell job at replicating the settings found within the genre."

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