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GamerKnights has done a full review of the new indie game "Titan Souls" by developer AcidNerve which is according our reviewer one of the best games of 2015!!


"As you enter the world you quickly realize you have one way of interacting with it: a lone arrow sits in your quiver, begging to be used. The player can shoot this arrow and then magically recall it, sending it boomeranging back to them. The world is beautiful but, ultimately, empty, save for eighteen colossal beasts scattered around its varied areas. As a being with such a limited physical vocabulary, we’re doomed to take this gauntlet of boss monsters down. "

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GamerKnights1040d ago

If you have played it, don't you think it's one of the best games of 2015 so far?

eldingo1040d ago

This game is certainly an interesting take on the whole difficult but fairish gameplay there is no easy way out its all about getting better at what you got along with learning the titans attacks how to dodge them and hitting their weak point.

The Great Melon1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Sounds like Shadow of the Colossus reborn in 2D. I will definitely buy this sometime in the near future.

BootHammer1040d ago

It's wild how even with the technology we have to make near photo-realistic graphics, some of the best games to this day are still built and designed around our 2D gaming past. Makes you think if this truly was the golden age of gaming.

GamerKnights1040d ago

@BootHammer, you are absolutely right!

Getting back to 16bit games on SNES or MegaDrive(Genesis), some of them were truly gems.

BootHammer1040d ago

It's my favorite era without a doubt. I was lucky enough to grow up with the NES, SNES and Genesis so they have always been really special to me. It's awesome to see this style still so popular today. I hope this sector continues to grow amongst both the Indie and AAA devs.

ShutUpDonny1040d ago

And it's even better now, because indie developers have the means and the knowledge to fix everything that was annoying has hell back then.

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