IGN: E3 '08: Lips First Look

At first glance, Lips comes off as a simple Singstar clone -- Microsoft's answer to Sony's franchise and a new way to hop onto the music videogame bandwagon. After sitting down for a demo with Keiichi Yano, known for designing other rhythm hits like Gitaroo-man, Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan, it's quite easy to see that Lips has a personality and style all its own. Microsoft's karaoke game is accessible enough for even the most tone deaf without sacrificing the depth the hardcore require.

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360degrees3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I can easily see this game setting a whole new bar for the "Singing Genre" of Gaming

fjtorres3778d ago

Being able to import and play your own music means, in effect, total worldwide localization. Both for language and genre. So now you can karaoke to tango or rancheras... >;-)
Pretty cool.

Raoh3778d ago

switched to macs and all..

ps3 to me has the better line up


i have to say that out of the many things that MS copies "lips" is a smart move for them...

1. Singstar for sony is not perfect and they have been lazy with no competition.

2. 360 has a large install base that loves to play guitar hero and rockband, lips is a no brainer for those 360 owners.

3. if they are smart they will allow 360 headset support in place of the mic as an option

Lips wont sell consoles for MS but it will sell software.