Halo 5 Agent Locke Armor to be a Gamestop exclusive? Why?

Here we go again folks. It’s bad enough that we’re already at arms with the recent Amiibo craze and the fact that there are “store-exclusive” Amiibo’s, but now this? So Microsoft has stated that the only way you’ll be able to score Agent Locke’s armor in the upcoming Halo 5 title, is if you pre-order it from Gamestop. Ok, I get it but there’s no reason for this to be a “store-exclusive” offering, none at all. Now excuse me as I have a bit of an issue with that so hear me out.

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GoPanthers9991035d ago

I agree, like the author I also buy most of my hardcopy games from BB via GC unlocked and enjoy getting 20% off plus $10 preorder credit. This happens to be a bigger deal with Halo 5 as it is Agent Lockes outfit. Store exclusives are irritating as hell!

ScorpiusX1035d ago

Cool so an extra incentive, for pre-ordering the Collector Edition. Sweet