Versus: Infamous Second Son vs Sunset Overdrive vs Saints Row 4

"Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Where it’s actually still today, but GameOnDaily are starting up a new series where we pit good games against each other to find out which one deserves your affection and cold hard cash"

Asa from Gameondaily pits 3 titles against each other:

Infamous: Second Son
Sunset Overdrive
Saints Row 4

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The-Marb1128d ago

Not played Infamous but have the other two, Sunset OD isnt a perfect game but it is one of the best of last year.

Septic1128d ago

I need to give SSOD a go. I tried it when it was free for a weekend. The traversal mechanics were much deeper than I thought they would be. Infamous:SS, well my review on the site has my thoughts on it. Saints Row 4 I didn't have time for but my mates tell me its good fun. I still miss the old Saints Row before it went so over the top. First one was amazing.

Volkama1128d ago

It layers more traversal mechanics on through the campaign. It's a bit weird bouncing off cars and trees, but fun to chain all the moves together indefinitely.

Mega241128d ago

Saints Row 4 is pretty funny, in a classic Duke Nukem way. Game is pure comedy, nothing makes me laugh like a punch to the d*ck in Saints Row.

Kingdomcome2471128d ago

@Volkama- The air dash really tied everything together, and the water dive from the Mooil rig dlc was great too. It's the most entertaining traversal system ever imo.

mikeslemonade1127d ago

Infamous SS > Sunset > Saints Row 4

Infamous SS is the complete game in a shorter time period. Sunset is more of a tech demo and you are doing the same stuff from start to finish in that game. Saints Row 4 is the worst by default because it's not a current gen game.

Kingdomcome2471127d ago

I don't follow your logic, Mike. I agree that Saint's Row is the lesser of the three games, but because it's last gen? I guess SSOD and ISS are better than GTA V then? I also completely disagree with your tech demo assessment of SSOD as your arsenal continually expands, and along with that the evolving interplay between the weapons. The traversal system keeps things fresh as well. I enjoyed ISS a great deal, but it would receive the tech demo label way before SSOD imo.

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OB1Biker1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Infamous SS is a great game underrated by haters, one of the best games last year IMO. No game can please everyone and it's the same thing for the other two. Also First Light is a great addition. The only thing that I feel is a let down is the story telling but even the content that some people find too short is good because you got to finish story and missions twice with different powers (or power that work differently whether your good or bad)
It's just a matter of preference or playstyle if some don't like it but nobody can deny it s a true quality New Gen game. Also fluid and fun gameplay, gorgeous graphics and great soundtracks make it a joy to play

StrayaKNT1128d ago

I played infamous and I found the city to be quite average and boring, the story was also lacking.

But when I played sunset last year I loved it and it was probably my goty behind Fh2. Sunset is a easy and clear winner imo it is just so much fun and playing online was a blast.

vega2751128d ago

I found infamous to be very repetitive. Doing the samething over and over to show the map or get new powers. The end boss fight was rather boring also.

OB1Biker1127d ago

It depends the way you play. I know some guys used only 1 power to clear everything and then did the story and got more powers. If you do story first and upgrade all the powers you get a very different approach whether you go smoke, Neon, video or concrete and very different ways to have fun clear areas

Transporter471128d ago

I played both. Both of the cities were fun to play. Sunset OD was smaller though. The city you're talking about is the city of Seattle a real city. You can actually visit Seattle than you will know how accurate Infamous SS was. Both fun games without a doubt. One use flamboyant color scheme as the other used more realistic color scheme. You can't call one average and boring just because of the art style one used.

vega2751128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I don't know if your referring to my comment. I never said it was boring cause of the art style. I said it was boring cause it was very repetitive through out the whole game.

Destroy a jamming station and you unlock each portion of the map. Destroy a box to unlock more of a curtain power. After clearing the map or controlling a majority of the map. You paint the billboard to summon the cops to clear the map. This was for the whole game. Very repetitive

Edit: sorry I just read the comment above mines. Thought you was talking to me. My apology

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Senor_Spidey1128d ago

Saints row 4 hands down IMO

gangsta_red1128d ago

They all had their own style and uniqueness...

Sunset was bright, colorful and a blast to run around in.

Saint was big and super over the top with more of emphasis on silliness.

Infamous is the Dark Knight Rises of the group even if the main character is all sarcastic it still took it's self way too serious. Didn't play much of it but I heard it wasn't as good as 1 or 2.

It's too bad WiiU doesn't have their own open world game to compare to their competition. Maybe Xenoblade?

remixx1161127d ago

No I personally don't think it was as good as 1 or 2 but still decent, what hurt me was the powers, while more diverse, lacked the depth of the first 2 games.

It also had a very basic morality system of option A. Good guy decision or option B. Bad guy decision now pick the one that currently goes with your super hero/villian. Just far to black and white.

The enemy types were just a bunch of pmcs, you either fought guys with guns or guys with guns who had rock powers, definitely a fall back from the diversity of the enemies in the first 2 games.

Cole was a way better super hero personality wise than delsin, even the supporting cast like zeek and the 2 chicks from the second game were way more entertaining.

Hell even the standalone dlc of infamous 2 (infamous festival of blood),was amazing. Being a super hero lightning vampire was facking genius. While infamous first light was okay in comparison to festival of blood.

And lastly it lacked that huge comic book inspired over the top hero origin story the first 2 had. The super powered villains, the convuluted story, the apocalyptic level threat was all amazing.

I guess I was just a little disappointed because I was expecting something on the level of the first 2 games with the power of the ps4, all I feel like I got was grand theft hipster. Lol still a fun game tho.

Damn having said all that now I want an infamous collection pd4 remaster.

zsquaresoff1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I like Infamous 2nd son for the story and gameplay.

Although a bit short it was still fun playing it twice, once as a good delsin and then as evil delsin.

The story dlc fast light was also good. Hope the next game is a longer in game length.

Saints row 4 needs to be more like Saints row 2. Focused and less outlandish.

I know its a Saints game but some of the stuff in the game was unnecessary and boring.

Didn't play SSOD.

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