Mass Effect 4 Sounds Like Dragon Age: Inquisition In Space

"If this leak is genuine, the team behind the game is borrowing heavily from Bioware’s recent, and very well received, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

"Inquisition was a big turnaround for Bioware after the disappointing Dragon Age II, and they’re probably hoping that following the Inquisition template can entice Mass Effect fans still raw about the end of Shepard’s story in Mass Effect 3."

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Jivesh852d ago

I wouldn't mind, my only issue with Inquisition is lack of cutscenes.

ThunderPulse852d ago

I liked the fact that your actions were the focus.

thekhurg852d ago

Me too. If ME4 is decision focused like Inquisition then I'll enjoy it.

Errefus852d ago

ya i agree, i hope its decision u make change the outcome of the game

leahcim852d ago

I am playing DA Inq in my ps4.

What an exquisite gem it is.

Dragon Age Inq + Space = MEFFECT 4 ! BOOM!

DevilishSix852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Oh I would not be on board for Dragon Age in space at all. I am not interested in having that gameplay style in ME. DA good game but I like how ME plays just fine.

Jivesh851d ago

ME plays perfectly, they don't need to change that aspect.

camel_toad852d ago

Im fine with some crossover features but please EASE UP on the fetch quests. That part of DA:I sucked the life out of it for me towards the end.

kraenk12851d ago

Without those boring but necessary fetch quests and fifty hours less it could have been a great game.

Jivesh851d ago

Inquisition Fetch Quests lack narrative.

3-4-5852d ago

ME4's story needs to be better.

* I felt like I was becoming a part of this huge universe in ME1.......

It never built upon that really.

* I want a whole Star Wars type of Universe where so much stuff happens it can't all possibly be told in one story.

* The Problem is that I think sometimes Writers actually think they have better "taste" than they actually do.

EX: Writer A " This is such a good plot...hahaha"

Us: " This plot is predictable "

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shodan74852d ago

Given how enjoyable DA:I was, I think it's a good thing they're potentiallty cross-transferring some of the features - or at least doing something similar.

Seems sensible to put some of the best ideas into their other popular action-RPG series.

Takwin852d ago

I loved Dragon Age Inquisition and so did my wife. We both put over 75 hours of enjoyment into it. I get why some people have some quibbles with it, but that is a game that is made well, is fun, and appeals to a very large group of people. It is a real AAA game with depth and story and fun.

That said, Mass Effect is one of my top 5 game series ever (Dragon Age is somewhere in the 10-20 range for me), so taking what worked with DAI and putting it in space sounds GLORIOUS!

SCW1982852d ago

I really hope this is not the case. Dragon Age Inquisition was a bloat fest.

Dark11852d ago

Yeah too many fetch quests.

kraenk12851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I agree...if it will be just like DAI I'm not gonna buy it. My hopes are on The Witcher 3 to make everything better than DAI with its meaningless side quests and huge but empty and lifeless feeling world.

anticlimax852d ago

If they keep the quests a little more focused that'd be okay. I always say better fifteen big questslines than a hundred small ones.

Giving out inquisition points for a quest doesn't make it 'entwined in the storyline'. Each quest should honestly have its own proper (and interesting) story.

Inquisition had (despite many promises it wouldn't be so) a lot of isolated fetch or kill x amount of ... quests.

My_Outer_Heaven852d ago

I feel that Commander Shepard needs to make some form of appearance in ME4 even if just a cameo or possibly the new antagonist.

I'm still hung up over the ME3 ending, I wish they could just confirm the indoctrination theory already and blow everyone's mind holes.