How WWE 2K16 can learn from its predecessor and be the best WWE title yet

James writes - "It’s getting to that time of year where WWE 2K15 has been out long enough for people to start talking about the next instalment. Will they make the WWE 2K16 game better than its predecessor? And if so, how will that be done?"

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neil3631155d ago

I'm not the biggest of WWE fans but I didn't think WWE 2K15 was all that bad. I agree on the point about improving the Divas roster though. The more women the better!

3-4-51155d ago

WWE 12 was fun......Hasn't been since.

oKidUKo1155d ago

Maybe my expectations were unreasonably high but considering what 2K have done to the NBA career mode, I though MyCareer in WWE 2K15 would be so much better than it was. The next outing will show if this was just a blip.

zsquaresoff1155d ago

Improve the Commentary. There is No connect with whats happening in the ring. Just reading off a script with zero interest.

oKidUKo1155d ago

They were supposed to do that for 2K15 but yeah I agree with you. It's even worse when they are commentating during the Warrior Showcase, it's like they can't be bothered.

MonChiChi1155d ago

Just like real life wwe! Commentary seems to not care unless a finisher is going off.

ServerBOT1155d ago

Hope 2k sports will right there wrong third time around. I'm ready to buy a WWE again. Just one that is worth it.

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