New Behind The Scenes Video For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Coming Later Today

Marcin Momot, the "Community & Website Coordinator at CD PROJEKT RED", tweeted with a teaser picture that a new behind the scenes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released later today.


The video is out by the way, in the post.

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smolinsk1128d ago

What about showing us the size of the map allready, so much info out there but no official info, only a map.

FreakOrama1128d ago

Agree. I mean we have the map but I'm confused where are those two regions on the bottom are.

nucky641128d ago

I was wondering about those too - are they fast travel only? do we have to sail to them on a boat? I thought the main map gave a good representation of the overall size; but, those 2 regions you speak of have me confused too.

MrCherry1128d ago

Thiy may be the two first to DLCs that are comeing out and down the road (and im shure thiy will) add more and bigger areas.