Maybe Scorpion Is A Little Too Popular In Mortal Kombat X

He’s on the cover of the latest Mortal Kombat game. He’s widely regarded as the one of the most iconic fighting game characters. Everyone knows the “GET OVER HERE” catchphrase. Despite being somewhat of a villain, Scorpion is well-loved by Mortal Kombat players.

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roguedragon11155d ago

I kinda understand I use to get pissed off with people always using ryu on sf4 but skorpion like ryu is a staple kharacter and players are gonna use these spammers. Bottom line if you can't beat them it's because there better than you.

madcowz641154d ago

Well he's fast, strong and his kombos are devastating. Honestly I had an easier time stringing 30%+ kombos with Scorpion over any other character. Everybody uses him online but there's two kinds of players and honestly if you're any good at this game you can outsmart the spammers.