E3 Preview: Mo' Elebits, Mo' Problems.

Elebits was, at least for GameVortex's StarScream, the first game that really showed the types of things the Wii's motion-based controls could do for a game. Under the guise of what appeared to be an on-rails shooter, the game had you hunting down Elebits with your Wii-mote controlled zapper. In order to ferret the tiny energy gremlins out of their hiding spots, you used the zapper to pick up objects and manipulate then around in a 3D space. Now Konami is bringing that same concept to the DS with Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero.

Although the original game was more of a shooter, the DS version is an overhead puzzle-based game. The object of each area is to collect as many Elebits as you can, which is performed by tapping the touch screen to manipulate objects in the environment.

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