Opinion: "Destiny has changed the way players talk"

Official PlayStation Magazine:
At the start of this month I stood up, leaned over the divider separating my desk from Meiks’ workspace, and said, “I got Monte Carlo last night as my reward for the Nightfall.” His response? “I’m not a big fan of it - I prefer Up For Anything.”

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3-4-51064d ago

This article is an outright lie.

Fire this person.

Clown_Syndr0me1064d ago

My opinion - no it hasn't. There is alot of gamers at work at I haven't heaRd anyone mention Destiny in a long time.
Out of my 100+ friends on PSN I don't think I've seen anyone play it for a month or two either.
Maybe amongst fansof the game this is true, but to day it's true of gamers in general is wrong.

porkChop1064d ago

No, it really hasn't. No one talks about Destiny anymore.

STK0261064d ago

It hasn't changed more than any other best selling game in the past. This entire article could be, with minor changes, about how World of WarCraft changed the way gamers talk, with raids, bosses' names, items and various locations. It could be about League of Legends, with the people involved discussing build orders, champions and overall strategies.

maybelovehate1064d ago

It changes the way I talk with clanmates. But that is sort of a given haha. With every day conversations, no.

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