Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Review - Beautiful Dissapointment

MWEB GameZone writes: " If looks were all that mattered, then Assassins Creed Chronicles: China would be one of the best downloadable titles currently available.

Unfortunately for Assassins Creed Chronicle: China, looks are not everything, as the latest addition to the series falls victim to repetitive gameplay and an unprovoking story. "

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lord zaid1036d ago

Damn. Was hoping for a Mark of Ninja style Assassin's Creed

kraenk121036d ago

Don't give up all hopes. It's just one review and we all know how reviews are these days.

NecotheSergal1036d ago

One can judge that if the medium or average score is low it 'likely' is deserving of it.

Just don't use absolutism with that logic. It can be wrong since preference makes it subjective. I loved Nier and it had low scores (60s) but it's a damn great game, reviewers were harsh on it because they're dicks.

SonZeRo1036d ago

I feel sorry that the first female protagonist gets such a meh looking game. Come on, its China, so much could have been done with it.

Tornado1036d ago

I believe the first female protagonist was Aveline from AC3 Liberation. But yeah, China has so much potential, ubi could have done better

Errefus1036d ago

she is not the first female protagonist

Dario_DC1036d ago

This cow needs a good rest... the milk isn't as good as it once was...

DragonKnight1036d ago

No it doesn't. A) This game was likely given to an inexperienced B-Team because they are only making it to shut people up about an AC game set in China and B) Resting doesn't mean that the people with bad ideas will stop having bad ideas.

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