Destiny: 20 things you must do before House of Wolves

Think you’ve seen everything that Destiny has to offer? Maybe not. And you want to makes sure you’ve done it all before House of Wolves drops later this month…

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xHeavYx1066d ago

Some points, like being the sword bearer, are nonsense, and would not help with House of Wolves at all.

admiralvic1066d ago

Having read this article I can't say any of these things will help with House of Wolves and several of them are redundant.

Like unless you have CE and do it there, you need to master the jumping/gorgon section to get Flawless Raider and both that, finishing the raid in a clan (and by extension joining one) and hard VoG is required to get the Guardian Lord trophy anyway. Not to mention we already know there won't be a raid, thus doing anything related to a raid is moot.

jdiggitty1066d ago

or capping the third point in control. That's how you get enemies to spawn behind you and lose map control

pompombrum1066d ago

Wow someone actually suggesting going for a third cap? Nothing makes me rage more in Cruicible than idiots pushing for a three cap and end up losing the match because they spawned at and capped a much easier to control point.

mochachino1066d ago

I just want RAID matchmaking.

kayoss1066d ago

This might be asking too much. But if they decided to give players the ability to choose matchmaking for Raids. They should have the option to:
1. choose type of class
2. Choose level

Because for some raid you need certain class to successfully beat the raid.

Oschino19071066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Also a pre game lobby where everyone has to "ready up" so you can get to know each other some while planning your strategies. A text chat box would be nice too for if someone doesn't have or can't use their Mic.

@AKS, those things could all happen with people you know or with people you meet on a website.

AKS1066d ago

Would you want to get to the Templar or Deathsinger and realize someone in the party is a troll you can't kick? I had a jerkoff like this during an Atheon Hard battle, sitting in the back of the stairs, doing nothing, and laughing every time he was teleported. He just used the sit animation and purposely got everyone killed. He was playing normally without dying until he was teleported, so he definitely wasn't just AFK or he would have died immediately from Atheon. Fortunately I was the party leader and could boot that obnoxious tool when I figured out what he was doing. But getting stuck with a jerkoff like that you couldn't kick when approaching the end of the raid would be disastrous. You'd end up having to leave and form your own party anyway. And if you suggest allowing people to kick each other with matchmaking, how would you like it if a similar sort of lowlife boots you right before you can kill Crota or Atheon on Hard? Or how about getting 4 or 5 of the 6 people who did not have mics? I can see some significant problems arising from raid matchmaking some aren't considering.

mochachino1066d ago

Every problem you listed has an easy solution already implemented in other games. Give people the OPTION to matchmake. You can still pub crawl if you want.

All you've really done is show that after spending 15-45mins getting a fireteam (if you even get one), that sometimes you'll still have people that drop or won't play properly. Difference is, then you'll need to go spend another 15-45 mins instead of the game just finding someone quickly.

Everyone I know stopped playing Destiny because manual matchmaking for RAIDS is ridiculous. At least have the option for automatic matchmaking.

kayoss1066d ago

I agree with Mochachino,
Sometimes I will spend an hour trying to get a full team together. 4 members will be just floating in orbit for an hour doing nothing while we try to invite people to help us do the raid. It's not fun.