SEGA Still Not Registered for E3 2015

Times running out for Sega to apply for E3 2015, one of gamings biggest events, with only 56 days left until the show in LA.

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Randostar1038d ago

That picture of sonic pretty much sums up how i feel about this.

Moldiver1038d ago

Same here. its a damn shame how far sega have fallen. I was the biggest sega fan back in the day. Spent more time in sega world on the arcades than home consoles at the time. But at home I had a sega. They simply have not been the same since they got out of the console race, and they failed to make use of their vast catalogue of IP as just a publisher and developer. We SHOULD have all their arcade titles available as downloadable games on consoles. we should have shenmue 3. we should have sequels to games like panzer dragoon RPG, burning rangers and their catalougue of RPGs. How a bout a single player phantasy star or the rebooting of franchises that have not seen releases since the master system and megadrive days, like alex kidd, wonder boy and shinobi.

Sega failed to really capitalise on all of that. I hope one of the big three buy them before things get too bad for sega. Its definetly going that way. I know who I would like to see buy them, and I think they would know what to do with sega. I wont say anymore than that.

SegaGamer1038d ago

Yeah, so many terrible decisions from SEGA over the years. What a mess.