Uncharted: 4 things it does great, 2 things it doesn't

PSU takes a look at the Uncharted series to see where it excels and fails.

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ninsigma1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Why is linearity a bad thing?? I don't buy uncharted for exploration, I buy it for an action packed adventure. If the areas become huge for exploring then the game slows down and that's not what the game is about.

I agree the gunplay can feel quite weak at times but it doesn't particularly bother me, it's still fun to shoot the bad guys :D

You forgot incredible story telling as one of things it does well.

medman1001d ago

Spot on...enough with every author thinking every game needs to be more open world. I love storytelling in games, and Naughty Dog is the best in the business in that aspect, as their work shows. Linearity can be a strength, if Naughty Dog is doing it.

ninsigma1001d ago

Doesn't necessary have to be naughty dog but I get what you're saying, if done right linearity can make a game.
And I'm with you on the story telling. I grew up playing them so I don't want those types of games to go anywhere.

baryonyx1001d ago

Uncharted 4 was aimed towards a more open world, in a linear story telling, to give more options to gamer's on how they wanna fight the bad guys. i hate open world games, cause the majority of them got a bad and a short story, extended with a tons of boring side quest's that is almost repeatable. and even if it is a open world, it feels quite limited at the same time. you just wander around on the streets or in the forest, hunting bears, it's not like What Bethesda have offered, which is the only sandbox games i like.

DualWielding1001d ago

the worst thing about Uncharted is the meaningless collectibles