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Mortal Kombat X is a mechanically great fighting game, but is marred by other areas of the game and questionable business practices.

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Trinityzn1068d ago

Those death scenes are pretty gruesome tbh

W0nderer1068d ago

Finish him! Who can forget that... it was always going to be targeted at multiplayer though, was it not?

moonCowza1068d ago

Remember a time where the only finishing move I knew was Raidens babality :P loving these new fatalities and the x-ray combos!

ion6661067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Who's the hater giving the disagree treatment.I can't wait for my disagree. Its a fighting game the story is a bonus. I'm used to a intro and ending for each character. This game has that and then some. You want a game that has everything crammed into play G.T.A.5. shame on you for thinking this game was going to be something it was never gonna be. Watch the documentary of the history of fighting games.You will get the gist of it.